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Baking Society

Whether you're an experienced baker or just interested in how to make some of your favourite cakes and other treats, the Baking Society is a great way to meet new people, enjoy some home baking and learn something new during your time at the University of Hertfordshire. Plus, cakes and cookies are always very popular with housemates and friends! :)

Meetings are held on a weekly basis where our committee members demonstrate how to bake some basic recipes, suitable for bakers of every level (and those ideal for a student budget) as well as some of their best loved recipes. Of course we like to involve our members as much as possible and encourage you to take a turn in demonstrating a recipe of your choice to the rest of the group, and this in the past has been a great way to learn about recipes from other countries/cultures. Last year we introduced our own bake offs to the society, with prizes given to our top bakers as decided by our members. The bake offs are a chance for everyone to take part and share some of their own baking with the group once every 2 months, and they are usually based on a theme or ingredient(s).

In addition to our meetings we take part in a number of charity and other events across the year - bake sales, a Christmas fair stall, and colabs with other societies.

At the moment our meetings are held every week at 4pm on a Thursday in the Oval Kitchen.

We look forward to baking with you soon! In the meantime, why not visit our Facebook page for the latest news and photos.

Facebook: UHSU Baking Society

Email: uhsubakingsociety@gmail.com