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Hindu Society

Hindu Society

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We aim to Preserve, Promote, Practice and Protect our Hindu Dharma using Events, Sports, Performing Arts, Sewa and Education.


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Welcome to the Hertfordshire Hindu Society Family!!!

We aim to bring Hindu students in Hertfordshire together. We are affiliated with NHSF UK (National Hindu Students Forum UK) meaning we take part in many national events, representing Hertfordshire at NHSF sports tournaments, celebrations of religious festivals and various cultural activities alongside 50 UK universities! We want to create a home away from home by building closer connections and working together in the society.

All students are welcome to join both Hindus and non-Hindus who may want to explore the religion or merely join in on the fun. Throughout the year we will celebrate festivals including Navratri, Holi and Diwali as well as having weekly aarti’s with games nights, sewa activities, society socials and debates to keep the fun going!

** Winner of the SU Society Events of the Year 2016 for Sewa Day and Chandni and NHSF Most Improved Chapter 2016 Awards!!  **

Meet your committee for 2017/18:

  • Presidents: Mansi Joshi & Mayuri Patel
  • Vice Presidents: Deep Shah & Sanika Morjaria
  • General Secretary: Sanika Morjaria
  • Treasurer: Jaina Mehta
  • Events & Sewa Co-ordinators: Priyal Khambhaita, Nishant Vadhwana & Nickil Vadgama
  • Learning Co-ordinator: Mehul Navin & Jai Joshi
  • Football Co-ordinator: Varun Bhargava & Dan Khan
  • Badminton Co-ordinator: Sonya Kerai
  • Kho-Kho Co-Ordinator: Vivek Depala
  • Media & PR Co-ordinator: Disha Vora & Hemal Amratlal


For more information please take a look at our social media! Add us and give us a like for all the latest infomation!!!

  • Facebook: NHSF Hertfordshire Hindu Society
  • Twitter: @uhhindusoc
  • Snapchat: uhhindusoc
  • Instagram: uhhindusoc


Can't wait to meet you all and welcome you to the family!! 

UH Hindu Soc <3 




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  • Hindu Society Diyan 2017 Members Ticket£23.00
  • Hindu Society Diyan 2017 Non-Member Ticket£25.00

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