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Pokemon Society

As the Pokemon Society, our members love the Pokemon franchise. Being fans ourselves, we are setting up this society for fellow fans to get together and enjoy all aspects of Pokemon. We are currently still setting up, however, we plan to have a weekly rota involving different activites related to Pokemon. We may aso have two activites or more on at once. Here are the ideas:

Learning to play TCG and playing against others,

Learning the basics of shiny hunting and shiny races, 

Playing the main series games and spin off games with others, (this can be normal playthroughs, Nuzlockes, shiny runs or one type only runs),

Complete the National Dex, helpng others to do so via trading,

Watching the Pokemon anime,

Drawing Pokemon and participating in Pokecember, 

Pokemon battles (both casual and competitve), with the occasional tournament and prize, 

And playing Pokemon Go on a separate time to the weekly meet up.

Throughout the year, we also plan to go to Comicon, the (temporary) Pokemon centre in london,  and maybe days out for Pokemon Go. 

We hope you find these ideas exciting and we look forward to meeting new members! 

[ More on Pokecember, some of you may be aware of Inktober created by Jake Parker, the Pokemon Society decided to make our own version as Inktober was such a fantastic idea to sharpen drawing skills. Therefore, we have made our own prompt list for the 31 days of December, the list will be posted on our Instagram account.]



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