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Pharmacology Society

Although the Pharmacology Society was initially set up to support Pharmacology students, from this year onwards, all Bioscience, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students from all years are welcome to join. 

Our aims this year include:

1. Provide a networking platform for students.

We understand that university can be hectic and especially in first year, getting to know people in your course can be tough. As the society is open to all years, this will allow everyone to network with each other and able to support one another; first years receive guidance from older students and older students are able to form groups which can be a huge help overcoming final year. Plus, in the future when you are working in the industry, contacts can be vital in securing placements and jobs.

2. Inviting guest speakers

Although lectures and labs allow us to explore the knowledge and mechanisms behind our degrees, it can be hard to envision how we will be applying what we know into industry. Inviting guest speakers allows undergraduates an opportunity to explore what their degree can unlock, to support module content, and to encourage students to consider which research areas they would like to explore in their work experience and jobs. We are already arranging guest spreakers from Queen Mary University and GlaxoSmithKlein to come and speak with us about their research and provide tips on how to write outstanding applications, so keep a look out for more news to come!

3. Attend major events

Attending major events across the country can be a great way to learn more about our industries. At events such as the BPS Conference and RPS Winter Summit, top scientists from around the world gather to talk about recent discoveries. Importantly, major events are a fantastic opportunity to network with others in the industry and build contacts.

4. Hold revision/support sessions

Assignments and exams can be extremely stressful, especially if you're coping with it on your own. This year, we plan to hold study sessions around December and April in the run up to exams to help everyone prepare and feel confident. For example, all first year Bioscience students take the same modules, so finding students to study with shouldn't be a problem! Additionally, if you ever feel as though university life is a little overwhelming, the society is here to support you with your studies and provide you with any help that you need.

5. Have fun! 

You made it to university! Although it can sometime feel as though your life is consummed with deadlines and exams, there is a lot of fun to be had with the society! We plan to organise social events throughout the year, from parties to dinners, so everyone gets to have some fun!


This is just a number of objectives we have throughout the year, so feel free to message any of the committee members with any ideas and plans you have. For more information, check out our social media accounts (Snapchat: uh_pharmacoogy) for regular updates or contact any of the committee members. We hope you have a wonderful year with the Pharmacology Society!

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