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Street Dance Society

The Street Dance society is all about having fun, learning and developing your dance skills as well as socialising with like-minded people. We are both self-taught dancers from South London with a big passion for dance.

Everybody is welcome regardless of ability. Class duration is 2 hours long but the 2 hours will consist of a decent warm up and 1 routine with a given break in between.

This street dance society will give you the chance to gain more confidence, whilst learning exciting routines choreographed by Sharrne and Haben. If you have a passion for dance or just want to try something new come along and give it a try.

Every month we will teach a different dance style incorporated into a routine:

  • Commercial

  • Afrobeats

  • KPOP

  • Contemporary/ Modern

  • Old School Hip Hop

  • Lyrical

  • House

  • Other (any suggestions?)

We will also be teaching popular dance covers from the likes of: The Royal Family, Matt Steffanina, One Million Dance Studio and more!!

Training Times and Locations:

Every Tuesday in Hutton Hall just above the SU office over in college lane.

Time: 18:30pm - 20:30pm

Make sure to bring water and a little snack to keep you going!!

We are proudly sponsored by LovetheSales.com so make sure to visit their website for comfortable clothes to dance in as well as other brands. Thank us later :)

We’re really one big friendly family so don't be shy to come and take part  !!

Chairwoman: Sharrne Smith  (tisharnes@hotmail.com,  07443032274)

Vice-Chairwomen: Haben Tesfay  (habentesfay99@gmail.com,  07956188925)

Treasurer: Tyler Haughton

Secretary: Stanley Barber