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Filipino Society

University of Hertfordshire Filipino Society aims to welcome all... students who take an interest towards the Filipino culture. Turn "It's more fun in the Philippines" into "It's more fun with Filipinos!". The Filipino community generally has strong family ties and value them, and by creating this society, we hope to bring fellow members together in the spirit of unity & togetherness. We also aim to promote our culture, teaching the members- Filipinos and Non- Filipinos- to value their own and develop their identities further.
Committee 2018/2019
Chair - Xerxes Petalcurin
Vice Chair - Ryan Salazar
Secretary - Fatima Bucal
Treasurer - Kisha Quintas
Events Coordinator - Nicole Padua & Angelica Oraa
Committee 2017/2018
Chair - Bernard Narag
Vice Chair - Robert Sirilan
Secretary - Jetrin Bunyanon
Treasurer - Erika Yuzon
Events Coordinator - Kassie Navato & Rikki-Leigh Rock-Powell

Founding Committee 2016/2017
Chair- Tristan Garrucho
Vice Chair- Chrisnuella Matias
Secretary- Dylan Elio
Treasurer- Jonasus Lagadi
Events Coordinator and Promoter- Madelane Daz & Anju Gurung
Sports Officer- Stephany Caicedo
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