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Skating Society


Hello skaters!

We are here for you, whether you are interested in ice skating, roller skating or skateboarding! 

A little bit about whats coming up:

One offs


Trip to skate shop - Get yourself kitted out

Ice hockey match - Get ready to go wild on our annual trip to see a real ice hockey match

Whats on?


Sunday Skate First Sunday of each month town/uni/Alban Way skate


Ice Skating Twice per month. Weekday evening quiet skate & a Friday sub-zero disco session


Roller City 2-3 times per year. Come party like its the 80’s!


Movie Nights. Join us for an evening of tasty treats and some of the best skating films of all time


Socials. Casual meet ups at the EleHouse and the Forum (our favourite is Headrush and Loco)



• Free 1-2-1 skating lesson =)

• Free travel to local trips

• Free selected activities

• Free t-shirt!

• Exclusive group membership discounts (15% off at Roller City & £2.20 off per visit at Planet Ice with an Ice Card**)

**additional £6


It is important that you sign up to a paid membership or you won't be able to attend our activities as you have to be a member to do so, this is especially important for our society as you will need to be insured for the activities and also travel :)



Please follow us on our social media accounts, but also feel free to contact us by email: