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Malaysian Society

Herts Malaysian Society is a platform which allows students to gather together, share the experiences they face throughout the academic year and to support one another. Our major event of the year would be the Nottingham games which would be held every year by the month of November. Having said that, events such as Malaysian Event, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Halloween celebration would be organized to expand the society’s recognition. In addition, there will be different collaborations with various societies for some of our event. In the upcoming event, we would be colluding with our sports coordinator, Derek Wong, for weekly sporting events.

Feel free to check us out regarding events and activities on our Facebook and Instagram pages by clicking the links at the left-hand side under Contact.

Fret not if you are not Malaysian because you would be welcome with open arms regardless of your race! Join us with an amazing experience of delicious food, games, laughter and the cultural background of Malaysia.

Committee Members 2019/2020:

President – Aaron On Tao Guan

Vice President – Tan Seng Han

Secretary – Nazrul Hakeem Bin Azizan

Treasurer – Calvin Chong Tjung Gyew

Event Secretary – Goh Jia Sin

Social Media Executive – Kimberly Cheah Su-Chien

Deputy Social Media Executive – Syifaa Musa

Sports Coordinator – Derek Wong

Vice Sports Coordinator – Mohankumaar Maha Veerachakkravarthi

Contact Us

  • Hertfordshire Students’ Union

    College Lane



    AL10 9AB

  • 01707 285000

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