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Student Group Funding


At Hertfordshire Students' Union we want to support our student groups in achieving their aims and objectives. The Students’ Union has a pot of money that’s designed to facilitate their development. The student groups eligible for the Student Group Funding are Societies, Student-Led Projects and Trident Media. Each student group can apply for up to £1,000 in an academic year.


Student Group Criteria

There are certain criteria that must be adhered to by a student group to be eligible to apply for funding. The essential student group criteria are as follows:

  1. a. The Student Group’s committee must have completed their induction training

  2. b. The Student Group must have a minimum of fifteen members (unless applying for the ‘Development’ funding category)


Funding Categories

Student Group Funding follows a categorical structure. These are our areas of focus when we consider funding. Applications must adhere to at least one of the following categories:

  1. 1. Community

This is anything that improves the sense of community within the student group or around the University.

This might be t-shirts or hoodies to give your student group more of an identity.

  1. 2. Development

This is anything that could help increase your student group's memberships.

This might be promotional materials, a publicity campaign or an event to attract a wide range of students.

  1. 3. Experience

This is anything that will enhance the experience for members of your student group.

This might be events, trips or new equipment for your members to use.


Funding Applications

To apply for Student Group Funding, student groups must complete and submit the Student Group Funding Application Form. The applicaiton form must be signed by the Chair and Treasurer of the student group. We will accept the signature of the Team Leader for Student-Led Projects. There are three windows throughout the year during which we accept applications. These are normally in October, December and February. The dates will be published at the beginning of the academic year and student groups will be notified nearer the time.


Funding Allocation

At Hertfordshire Students’ Union, we want student representation on as many decisions that are made as possible. Here is no different. We have a Student Group Funding Panel who decides how the money is allocated. The panel consists of the Vice President Activities and students from a range of student groups. There is also a member of full-time staff from the Student Activities Team to help advise the panel with key information.

Only eligible applications will be looked at unless otherwise agreed by the Student Activities Team. The Student Group Funding Panel review the applications based on the three categories or “areas of focus”. They also take into consideration the quality of an application and whether or not the funding will be beneficial to the student group.

Once all applications have been reviewed the student groups will hear from a member of the Student Activities Team regarding the outcome of their application. Successful bidders will be informed which items the Students’ Union will purchase for them. They will then have 28 days in which to liaise with the Activities Team regarding the purchase. Any money not spent within the 28 day window will be returned to the Additional Funding pot and will therefore become unavailable. Unsuccessful bidders will receive feedback on their application so that they understand where their application fell short.



The Student Group Funding is really designed to help committees/leaders in improving their student group. Here’s how to give your application the best chance of success:

  1. 1. Ensure you meet all the Student Group Criteria before submission

  2. 2. Make sure your funding requests fall in line with at least one of the funding categories

  3. 3. Ensure what you are applying for is:
    1. a) in line with your student group’s aims & objectives as defined in your Constitution
    2. b) sustainable
    3. c) for the benefit of UH students



Student Group Funding cannot be issued for the following items:

  • Alcohol
    • – the Students' Union will not approve any funding for alcohol purchases
  • Committee specific items
    • – the Student Group Funding is designed to benefit student groups as a whole, not just the committees. This includes (but is not limited to) committee clothing

  • Fundraising
    • – by law, the Students' Union cannot fund any items that will be used for fundraising purposes

  • Personal purchases
    • – the Student Group Funding is designed to benefit student groups as a whole, not individuals
  • Personnel
    • – the Students' Union will not approve any funding for personnel. This includes (but is not limited) to the following:

      • Acts

      • External speakers

      • Guests

      • Staff

  • Unsustainable items
    • – the Students' Union willl not approve any funding for items that are not sustainable. This includes (but is not limited) to the following:

      • Fuel

      • One-use items

      • Transport costs


Please contact us if you have any questions about the Student Group Funding.


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