Society Committee Elections

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Your chance to elect a new leadership team for your society for the next academic year.


This is your opportunity to elect the next leaders of your society. All societies must participate in Society Committee Elections to ensure a democratic and fair process has been followed. We've set everything up for you, you just have to make sure your society has nominees for each position and you encourage your members to vote. Societies that fail to elect a committee run the risk of becoming inactive the following academic year. Don't let this happen to your society!




Societies Continuing to 2021-2



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Society members that are continuing on with their studies here at Herts next year can put themselves forward for one of the available roles, with all society members being able to vote. So why should you nominate yourself? There are so many benefits to being a society committee member, like being able to shape the direction of your society, enhancing your employability and opening yourself up to new opportunities. Society committee members are completely supported by the Student Activities team here in the SU. You can expect comprehensive training, a detailed handbook and access to our committee toolkit. You can find out more about the benefits of this leadership opportunity and the support you'll receive as a committee member here. All society committees need a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer. If you're eligible to run and would like to take on this leadership opportunity, make sure you look at the role descriptions to see which position is the right fit for you before nominating yourself!


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