Student Leaders Development Programme

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The Student Leaders Development Programme (SLDP) offers a personal development opportunity to all Student Leaders at HSU.


Launched in the 2020-21 academic year, the SLDP is exclusive to students that have a leadership role with the Students' Union. This includes BAME AdvocatesBuddy VolunteersSchool Community Organiser (SCOs), Network and Society Committee MembersStudent Reps and Student Staff.

It's essentially a training programme with a range of workshops that will help with your personal and professional development. The programme is designed to develop the transferable skills needed to be successful within your role, enhance your employability, and encourage interaction across the multiple positions of student leadership supported by the SU. You can also use any hours you spend on this to count towards your Go Herts Award.



In addition to the actual skills development side of things, your participation with the SLDP will also be recognised by an official certifcate on successful completion. In order to be eligible for this, students will first need to attend* 3 of our current 'core' sessions - listed as follows: (1) Leadership Essentials (any of the three strands available), (2) Managing Conflict and Problem Solving, (3) Mental Health and Wellbeing, (4) Time and Project Management. The second piece of criteria here will be the completion of a short assessment - details outlined below:

*Please note that attendance and engagement is recorded, so as to track this effectively.


Students wishing to receive their certificate for the SLDP are asked to complete a short, (up to) 500-word reflection piece, summarising the content they’ve found most useful across the (minimum of 3) core sessions (listed above) they've attended.

*** NOTE: DEADLINE = 11:59PM, SUNDAY 08 MAY ***


-> Criteria:

On the whole, your written assessment should also touch upon how you've utilised the skills/theories learned in your student leadership role(s), and how you plan to utilise them more generally in future. Further details on this, and the different levels of mark that can be achieved are as follows:

Pass = The assessment shows consideration of the skills/theories covered in your chosen sessions, but is lacking in detail with regards to specific examples that link to your role. More attention could also have been given here to the impact of these sessions on your general/future approach to leadership as a whole.

Commended The assessment shows detailed consideration of the skills/theories covered in your chosen sessions, and contains relevant examples of scenarios/situations that link to your role. Some attention has also been given here to their overall influence on your leadership approach, with reflections being made on next steps and areas that you’d like to develop/improve further.

Highly Commended = The assessment shows detailed consideration of what you’ve learned, with specific skills/theories referenced in doing so, and relevant examples provided of scenarios/situations that link to your role. Deeper reflections have also been made here on next steps, with self-awareness being shown in identifying areas of strength/weakness to take forward. Overall, the sessions’ influence on your leadership position have been fully explored in this piece.


-> Process:

There’s currently no set deadline for submission per se (this will be confirmed in due course), but once you’ve attended your chosen sessions, feel free to make a start! Completed assessments should then be emailed to when done, so that they can be collated and prepared for marking. From here, certificates will be produced and circulated around to those who are eligible (i.e. have passed).


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// If you have any questions on any aspects of what's mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact us.