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What Our Members Say

Being part of Trident Media can be a life-chaning and deeply rewarding experience! Here are just few things that some of members had to say about being involved:

April Wilson, TV Director:

My Trident Media experience in one word: EXCEPTIONAL

“Becoming involved with Trident Media this year has been one of the best decisions I have made. Not only have I met some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met but it has also allowed me to gain many valuable skills that employers look for people wanting to go into media, as well as other pursuits. This is because through Trident Media I have had the opportunity to publish several articles, produce several videos, as well as gain valuable volunteering experience. Trident Media has also allowed me to hone my organizational skills and give me the opportunity to organise not only filming for our TV content but the end of year photographs for Trident Media. I am also proud to be part of Trident Media because of the impact that it has on the student community, as it allows students’ voices to be heard. I am incredibly proud that our University allows us the freedom to comment on topics close to students’ hearts in a way that we can truly keep students informed. Be that through Student Union elections coverage or student opinion on the rise of student sex workers!“ 

Thomas Boon, Trident Media Member:

My Trident Media experience in one word: LIFE-CHANGING

"Being a part of Trident Media has added so much value to my time at university. I have developed skills that I never knew I even had such as photography. I started the year having never held a dSLR camera. Now, thanks to the experience that Trident has given me, I am an award winning professional photographer. I have also met so many amazing people through Trident, and have made friendship and connections for life. My involvement with Trident Media hasn't just been about me though, it's been about the whole university community, making sure that they are informed and up to date. Trident gave me the skills and confidence to use an FOI to expose food hygiene standards on campus, something that many students were not aware of, but became big news on campus following the article. It's so easy to get involved at Trident, theres really no reason not to, and you won't regret being a part of it."

Andy Vogel, Music Manager:

My Trident Media experience in one word: EPIC

"Firstly Id like to say that my role in Trident Media on a personal level has been amazing, as a first year I dived in knowing no one it was nerve racking but within one day I felt part of the team! This progressed to gaining friendships with liked minded people who I can bounce ideas off. I feel like I have grown and developed my talents as the last year has past. Due to this I have had the confidence to start up my own website www.vogelaudio.co.uk with content I produced with the team.  Trident Media is one of the main reasons I now have work experience with the BBC Three Counties on there Introducing show on a a Saturday night as I had content to show with references from other members that opened up with pathway to further my career"


Tobi Olasupo, Photography Manager:

My Trident Media experience in one word: SENSATIONAL

"Trident Media has benefited me as it has given me the experience and networking ability to pursue a career in photography. In the past year I have managed to photograph numerous artists and festivals, being put on the big stage is one of the best feelings ever. Since joining Trident Media, I have become a freelancer as I felt I was ready to take up the challenge and have worked with a wide amount of creatives."




Shelby Loasby, Head of Print:

My Trident Media experience in one word: LIFE-CHANGING

"Trident Media has changed my life. It sounds like a cliché but it really has changed what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I joined Trident Media in my first year as a contributing writer, and managed to get my very first article published in the magazine, BlueMoon. I was then successful in my application for News Editor, and finally went on to become Head of Print in my final year.

Through Trident Media I have had an incredible journey, doing some amazing things; I was given work experiences opportunities at local newspapers; I was able to grab some VIP press passes to festivals and interview bands; I networked with industry professionals; I have attended award ceremonies, being shortlisted and winning various trophies; I have been a presenter for our TV outlet, and have co-hosted an award-winning radio show on Crush Radio; and finally, Trident Media has given me the experience, knowledge, and confidence to be elected as Herts’ next Vice President Communications & Media."

So why join Trident Media? It will give you valuable and rewarding experiences, a group of life-long friends, and may even change your life.

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