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Elephant & Hill Tribes Challenge



This summer, volunteer as a project leader for Elephant and Hill-tribe challenge and embark on an amazing journey to Thailand.

As a charity, we have two main objectives: provide elephants a safe and free area and help in any possible way the neighbouring hill tribe.   

In Thailand, elephants are often abused as working animals, in shows or for street begging leaving many disabled, blind or orphaned. Elephant sanctuaries we help building offer a safe haven for these majestic animals.

Volunteering in an elephant sanctuary you will have the opportunity to care for and swim with elephants for a whole week! This adventure will allow you to bond with these beautiful animals, support the work of the sanctuary and to offer a better future to the elephants of Thailand.

After spending a week with the elephants, the second part of the programme involves staying and living with hill tribe village; adapting to a different way of life and culture.

The hill tribe villages are located in the most remote and beautiful locations, where no one else could take you! Every day these hill tribes perpetuate ancestral traditions, wearing hand-made clothing, living in wooden houses and growing their own food. Volunteering in these villages is the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a unique adventure while supporting underprivileged communities!


If you feel like this opportunity is the one for you and would like to know more visit our website: http://www.challengesabroad.co.uk/package/elephants-hill-tribes-challenge/

Or alternatively contact us at: rhiannon@challengesabroad.co.uk.


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