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General Election 2017

As you may know, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap General Election on Thursday 8th June.

This is your chance to have your say on who you want to represent you in parliament and also, ultimately, who you want to run the country into Brexit and beyond!

Students can really make a difference, so this is your opportunity to make sure you are heard on a national and global scale.


Why should you vote?

  • You may think your vote doesn’t count, but so did the other 35% of people who registered, but didn’t vote in 2015…
  • The younger you are, the longer you’ll have to live with the outcome of this election
  • You deserve to be heard
  • Recent elections have been  very close, showing that every vote really does make a difference. Just look at Brexit, Trump and the Coalition!  
  • This is your chance to have a say on who you want to represent you in Parliament. Only when all young people or students vote, will they truly be represented
  • This is the best way to get your voice heard and ensure what you want to happen can actually happen
  • Voting gives you the right to moan if the election doesn’t go your way or policies aren’t followed through
  • Many people have fought really hard for the right to vote, with all women and men over the age of 21 only having the right to vote in 1928.


Who can vote?

You are eligible to vote if you are:

Registered to vote

Aged 18 or over on Thursday 8th June

A British Citizen, or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or a qualifying Commonwealth state and resident in the UK


Herts Debates

On Tuesday 30th May, all candidates standing to be Member of Parliament for Welwyn Hatfield have been invited to come together to answer your questions at what promises to be a lively hustings.

Find out more here.



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