Private Accommodation Rent Freeze

A row of housing against a blue sky


Currently, there are thousands of students in the United Kingdom who currently cannot access their private rented accommodation due to the national lockdown.

As a union, we want to support these students to lobby the government to support students.


What are we lobbying for?

We are asking local MPs to support in the cause and push for the follow requests from students.

  • - A rent freeze and rebate for all students who are unable to access their private rented accommodation until students can return safely to their accommodation once all restrictions are lifted.
  • - For landlords to allow students to withdraw from their tenancy agreement with no financial detriment to the students.
  • - To ensure that no student will be evicted due to not being able to attend the premises or pay for their accommodation.

Who can join and how can they join in?

Any student, sabbatical officer or friends and family can get involved! All you have to do is download the template that relates to you, fill in your details and send it to your local MP. You can find out who your local MP is via this link.


Download our letter template for students here
Download our letter template for sabbatical officers here


Next Steps...

If you get a response from your MP that is fantastic. Advise them that you want them to get in contact with the Students’ Union via and We can collate the MPs that are on board and work to push for more support for students from the government.

In many cases you won’t get a response, and this is unfortunately very normal when contacting MPs. But remember, thanks to your email, this issue is now on their radar and if the conversation comes up, they are more likely to get involved.


What support is available until my rent is frozen?

If you are struggling with finances or anything student life might be throwing at you, get in contact with our advice and support team who will be able to support you. Email them on

Writing a letter won’t get just your rent frozen, this is a joint effort to get rent frozen for all students. So please continue to pay your rent until there is confirmation the government can support and get rent frozen for all students in private accommodation.