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Representing Your Academic Interests

As a democratic, student-led organisation, Hertfordshire Students' Union campaigns locally, nationally and internationally on the issues that are important to our members. 

Want to get involved in our campaigns? Get in touch with us at campaigns@hertfordshire.su



Every year the Officer team work on a key campaign for the year. Based on student feedback, the campaign this year is Representing your Academic Interests. The team will be focussing on six key areas to ensure that your voice is heard and your academic experience is the best it can be.


We will focus on Marking and Feedback, Contact Hours, Placement Support, Academic Support, Co-curricular Activities, and Additional Course Costs.

Current Campaigns


The lead officer for this area is VP Education, Sarah Kwedi.

Contact details: vp.education@hertfordshire.su

Sarah will be looking at how the different schools across the University assess your learning and how transparent the marking process is. She has held numerous drop-in sessions and gathered your views on how you receive feedback on assignments.



The lead officer for this area is VP Community, Manny Hakimyar

Contact details: vp.community@hertfordshire.su

Manny has been asking students about what you think contact hours means. He has gathered feedback on how many hours different modules are made up of and is committed to making sure you receive an appropriate amount of face-to-face and written support for your modules.



The lead officers for this area are President, Shelby Loasby, and VP Education, Sarah Kwedi

Contact details: president@hertfordshire.su


Shelby and Sarah are asking you for your views on your placement experiences. Whether you take a year out of your studies to work in a placement environment, or you are in and out of placement throughout your studies, we will help to improve your experience. Sarah is also linked with the Schools of Education and Health and Social Work where the highest number of placement students are.


The lead officer for this area is VP Services, Adil Ur Rehman.

Contact details: vp.services@hertfordshire.su

Adil is looking at the different levels of academic support across the University and aims to make sure that every student has the same access to assignment help and academic skills.



The lead officer for this area is VP Activities, Rosy Vega.

Contact details: vp.activities@hertfordshire.su

As Vice President Activities, Rosy is passionate about making sure there are activities for every student to both enhance their student experience and CV. She is working closely with the other officers and the schools of study to ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to develop outside of the academic classroom.



The lead officer for this area is President, Shelby Loasby

Contact details: president@hertfordshire.su

Value for money has been a big feature of student feedback and Shelby will be working with the University to ensure that additional course costs are transparent and justified. Shelby is also gathering feedback from students about the cost of living at University and will work hard to ensure that you are getting value for your money.

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