Vice President Education Projects

The Vice President Education lobbies for a great academic experience at the University.

They work to improve and continually develop academic life by working with Student Reps and others to ensure that students are partners in their education. They support employability to ensure students leave with a great degree and are employable, championing a culture where students’ feedback is engaged with and used to continually develop the University.

Completed Projects

Wellbeing Wednesdays

  • Activities team have taken the programme onboard – they run sessions every Wednesday and produce monthly materials so students can plan in advance. The sessions have varying turn out, this can be due to interest but also location and timings are likely factors. Activities team continue to operate this ongoing programme and it is hoped that this will remain for future years as many Students’ Union’s run similar programmes for the wellbeing of their students.

Website Reforms

  • These were actioned by the marketing team and the changes are now completed.

White T-shirt Social

  • I conducted research on issues at Uh and nationally. I then decided to submit a motion to Student Council. I created this with the help of a colleague. It went to Council and passed with no opposition.

UH-wide Peer Mentor Scheme

  • I have put this on hold for now after it transpired that the WASS team have started up something similar. I will try and gain an update and some additional information on the project.

Lecture Gaps

  • I am lobbying for lecture gaps to be reduced and I have been dealing with this via the various timetabling meetings that I attend. The topic links into other areas and is, therefore, proving to be time-consuming but it is well received.

UH Website Changes for Student Parents

  • I worked with UH MarComms to have a series of pages and information started up for Student Parents. I also liaised with a student who gained wider feedback from others to shape the pages. - Student parents webpage
  • A small side project came out of this project after querying breastfeeding facilities. The breastfeeding facilities are now available to find on the WayFinder app.

SU-wide BAME Campaign

  • I have created an excel document for an SU-wide campaign. This is extensive and encompasses around 30 different projects falling under the Rise Up campaign. It is split into three different sections “HSU day-to-day”, “HSU big statement” and “UH lobbying and work”. Each officer has taken on a handful of projects to lobby for.

Projects in Progress

Academic Societies

  • I tended to the academic societies area at the Freshers Fair. The area seemed to gain a good level of interest and I believe Academic Society subscriptions were up year-on-year by 17.6%.
  • I successfully pulled together a committee for the Nursing Society. They are doing well and run lots of sessions and events. HSK staff are happy too. Education society has been successfully started, gaining support from staff members also. Computer Science Society has been reintroduced after liaising with our Post-Grad Officer.


  • I started speaking about this project to Sal during one of our one-to-ones. I then got feedback in Speak Week where I got 300 pieces of feedback on graduation, timings, location and guest amounts. I presented this data at VCSU. It is now an agenda item on the Start of Term Working Group. I have had a meeting with an HSU trustee board member. It was briefly brought up in one of the committees I attend. I passed this new information onto the trustee board member.

BAME Visual Campaign

  • This project is delayed due to the expansion of the BAME campaign Rise Up. This project will now fall under the main BAME campaign Rise Up.

SCO/Rep Relationships

  • I keep in touch with SCO’s via email and WhatsApp. I encourage them to attend events at UH and HSU. I helped organise them a stall at fresher’s fair to promote rep elections. I have spoken with the SCO’s I am paired with to gain a termly update, either in person or via email. I have also taken part in appraisals where I was available.

Post-Study Work Visa

  • I have written a letter to the Prime Minister/the Prime Minister’s Office asking for more comprehensive information and I also asked a few specific questions. The letter was short as it was capped at 1000 characters, but I have retained a copy of it.

Future Projects

I Have the Right

  • This project has been suspended due to dean of students introducing a similar concept. I may provide them with some feedback from students and myself on how it could be used or utilised better.


  • This project is suspended due to time constraints. I may create a report of the concept and pass onto a few key members of staff for consideration.



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