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What is HertsEmpowerment and how does it work?

HertsEmpowerment is a forum for students to be able to leave feedback about things impacting them at university. You can leave a comment on this page and we will assign it to one of our Elected Officers who will look at your comment in-depth and decide what actions would be best to take your feedback forwards and help. Our Elected Officers will then leave comments informing students on what action they have taken to address your feedback and concerns. Please note that, as a Union, there are some things in the university we don’t have control over and can’t necessarily change. We can, however, make sure your voices are heard and lobby the university to address issues that are important to you, and take forward serious issues to the university Senior Leadership team.


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    International Admissions Team Issues


      The documents portal for incoming international students doesn't account for visa applications from within the country. This has led to, at best, having our course leader address the concerns himself, and at worst, near deportation. 

      Speaking from personal experience, I had my CAS retracted because their systems didn't pick up that I'd done all I was told to do. They brought this snafu up with the home office and I had to have my course leader step in twice to deal with the fallout of their incompetence. In future it would behoove them to put up a system that deals with applicants from within the country, so as to fully dodge this level of negligent inaction. 

      It would also help to strengthen existing systems. I know we're all under pandemic stress but their mistakes nearly led me to being thrown out of the country while I was engaged in my studies because their systems failed to show that I had performed all actions necessary, and this shouldn't have happened. There need to be stronger systems in place that update faster. No prospective student should ever have to deal with that level of stress in addition to the looming pile of uni work they're already expected to be engaged in. 

    Natasha Crump
    5:08pm on 11 Dec 20 Thank you for using HertsEmpowerment, we've passed your submission to your President, Karthik, we'll keep you updated with any progress

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