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HertsEmpowerment is a forum for students to be able to leave feedback about things impacting them at university. You can leave a comment on this page and we will assign it to one of our Elected Officers who will look at your comment in-depth and decide what actions would be best to take your feedback forwards and help. Our Elected Officers will then leave comments informing students on what action they have taken to address your feedback and concerns. Please note that, as a Union, there are some things in the university we don’t have control over and can’t necessarily change. We can, however, make sure your voices are heard and lobby the university to address issues that are important to you, and take forward serious issues to the university Senior Leadership team.


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    First Year Programme Essential Skills Induction


      Of course the first day at University is extremely rewarding and clarifies a lot of concerns students may have, however, I believe the University is missing something.

      I have completed both first and (nearly) second year and I have realised something that I think would be extremely useful to students across the University.

      I believe, like the inductions the University already holds for each programme, the University should do an induction running through essential skills such as how to format a word document, how your assignments should be laid out, how to format your reference list, how to line space etc. I believe this is crucial and it should not be assumed that every student knows how to do this. For example, a lecturer only just enlightened me on how I should be formatting paragraphs on word 'justify'; I really think this should be established from the get go so students can achieve the highest marks and not be losing marks for incorrect formating of assignments. This would make students feel more at ease as they would know the expectation. 

      Furthermore, I have also noticed inconsistencies regarding coursework, for example, one lecturer asks for an intro and conclusion for a report, and the other says it is not necessary as a report should not include an introduction and conclusion. I really think if there was more consistency and liaison between module leaders students would have a better understanding and could subsequently apply these skills and this knowledge once they've graduated.

      Overall, I think making these adjustments would certainly improve student's understanding of what is expected of them from the very beginning. Having a technical induction in first year to either remind, or teach, students how their assignments should be laid out would make a huge difference. Writing very formal and technical assignment pieces is VERY different from the timed exams you take at sixth form and lecturers should definitely bear this in mind. I hope this is implemented in the future as I know this would have helped myself and many, many other students. This would certainly improve the student experience.

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