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HertsEmpowerment is a forum for students to be able to leave feedback about things impacting them at university. You can leave a comment on this page and we will assign it to one of our Elected Officers who will look at your comment in-depth and decide what actions would be best to take your feedback forwards and help. Our Elected Officers will then leave comments informing students on what action they have taken to address your feedback and concerns. Please note that, as a Union, there are some things in the university we don’t have control over and can’t necessarily change. We can, however, make sure your voices are heard and lobby the university to address issues that are important to you, and take forward serious issues to the university Senior Leadership team.


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    Life skills sessions (i.e. personal finances, workplace wellbeing)


      At university we undoubtedly learn a lot of transferable life skills such as being independent, particularly those who move into on- or off-campus accommodation. Lessons that the majority of secondary schools skip include personal finances (mortgages, taxes, incomes) and workplace wellbeing.

      I think it would be really beneficial for students if the university was to put on different sessions throughout the year covering these kinds of topics. There are definitely online resources out there that students could look for, however I personally invest so much trust in the university's careers team, wellbeing team and other staff, and so I would be more inclined to learn from them. Many students, if they haven't already, move into their own flat/house after university, or begin a full-time job and are earning an income for the first time. To learn how to manage these aspects during university would make the next steps less daunting as you feel prepared, rather than leaving university and suddenly being very out of depth in terms of managing personal finances etc. Students would then be leaving university as very well-rounded people; ready for a career in their chosen industry as well as better equipped for the real world.

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