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What is HertsEmpowerment and how does it work?

HertsEmpowerment is a forum for students to be able to leave feedback about things impacting them at university. You can leave a comment on this page and we will assign it to one of our Elected Officers who will look at your comment in-depth and decide what actions would be best to take your feedback forwards and help. Our Elected Officers will then leave comments informing students on what action they have taken to address your feedback and concerns. Please note that, as a Union, there are some things in the university we don’t have control over and can’t necessarily change. We can, however, make sure your voices are heard and lobby the university to address issues that are important to you, and take forward serious issues to the university Senior Leadership team.


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    It's time for UoH's Mascot!


      In the past Hertfordshire has received its fair share of Mascots. From Hertfordshire Mavericks "Miranda Meercat" to "Yopa", the mascot for Hertfordshire Year of Physical Activity. 

      However, our iconic Reindeer / Elk (or even Phoenix I suppose) is not seen anywhere. To improve physical events and a closer community inside our University, I think it would be interesting and fun to have a physical embodiment of such environment we are trying to sell to the new (and current) students who are joining our campus for the first time.

      The Mascot, whose name might be chosen by students, could participate in society's events, award ceremonies, sports competitions and many other activities present inside of our uni. This would in return, share a familiar face throughout all the opportunities that our university and student's union offer, inviting more students to participate in those.


      If the University already has a Mascot Suit stuffed away from an older time, it's time to bring it back! The Mascot could continue throughout many decades as long it receives the necessary management and care. Although very precise to not damage its quality, a Mascot's Suit can and should be disinfected throughout the academic year.

      The Suit could be custom made from third-party mascot builders, or it could be done by students (or alumni) from BA (Hons) Model Design (Character) & BA (Hons) Fashion Design courses. For COVID safety measures, the mascot may only appear in situations where everyone present has been tested, or in situations where the actor is able to stay at a safe distance. However, when eventually everything becomes much safer, this will be a very effective way to physically invite students to get to the pre-covid routine.


      In these really hard times, who wouldn't want to just hug a fuzzy friend?

    Alexander Brown
    1:19am on 28 Aug 21 “However, our iconic Reindeer / Elk (or even Phoenix I suppose) is not seen anywhere.” — Pretty sure it's a Hart…
    Joao Pinheiro Camacho
    8:35am on 28 Aug 21 My apologies! I wasn't able to find the actual proper name anywhere.

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