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Herts Empowerment

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    Better online library resources of key subject books


      I'm an online student and find that when researching for assignments, many of the key books appropriate to my course are not online. It's difficult justifying buying so many books when on a part-time distance learning course around current working life and have no access to a physical library for academic research. 

      It is a given that online courses don't fall into an obvious SU area, but it is an area that is under represented in my opinion. 

    Amy Holloway-Smith
    9:33am on 29 Jan 20 Hi Louise, I'm Amy the Vice President Education. Thank you for your Herts Empowerment post. I have been in touch with a member of staff from the Library and Computing Services department at the university who has given me some information. It was mentioned that all students should have a Talis reading list with all of the resources. Quite a lot of sources are available electronically from whole books to individual articles (there should be direct links), however some programmes do find some items of their content is only available in hard copy at the physical LRC. It sounds like a lot of what you need may be found 'on the shelf' rather than online. It was mentioned that module leaders create reading lists and content should be available and accessible (and it certainly sounds like the latter is not the case). The member of staff has suggested that I give them the module(s) details so they can look into it for you however as I do not have this information contained within the post they mentioned to get in touch with your information manager. Details can be found here: https://ask.herts.ac.uk/your-information-manager who will follow up with and liaise with academic where necessary. If you don't want to get in touch with them yourself please can you provide me with your module details, school, programme and details such as your full name and student ID number and send to vp.education@hertfordshire.su so that they can investigate further for you. Please also feel free to include the resources you're having trouble accessing due to being unavailable online =) If you choose to contact them directly, I wish you all the best and do give us an update on here to let us know if your issue has been resolved - if you contact me I will keep an eye out for an email. Best wishes Amy
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