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    Fund More Campus Security!


      After the recent wave of crime on campus, students are asking for UH to increase its campus security.

      This will allow faster call out times and decrease the number of incidents that go unsolved.

      We'd also like to encourage better communication between campus security and forum security so that the pathway to accomodation is kept an eye on and all students can make their way home safely.

      The university have already announced an independent investigation into the forum security however we'd like to ensure they follow through with this and keep us updated with the results.

      Finally, a review of campus accommodation door locks should be undertaken and if found to be faulty, they should be replaced. This also goes for CCTV which has been claimed to be in a poor position and isn't catching incidents on camera. 

    Nimra Naeem
    9:44pm on 21 Dec 19 As a student living on campus I agree that we need more security to prevent such incidents in future.
    Michael Smith
    11:25pm on 21 Dec 19 Leaving students in the dark about the incidents happening around campus only fuels speculation and rumour, spreading further fear.
    Michael Smith
    11:26pm on 21 Dec 19 Pretending everything is fine is inadequate damage control. There needs to be better & faster communication between the university and the students, and accountability needs to be taken where it is due.
    Michael Smith
    11:28pm on 21 Dec 19 The student unions “Strategic Plan 2017/20” claims: “We will ensure all security staff are continually trained and developed to offer a balance of safety and customer service.”
    Michael Smith
    11:30pm on 21 Dec 19 And, “We will communicate transparently, seek student feedback and promote open conversations with the University.“
    Michael Smith
    11:31pm on 21 Dec 19 Source: https://hertfordshire.su/pageassets/your-union/strategicplan/Hertfordshire-Students-Union-Strategic-Plan-2017-2020.pptx
    Michael Smith
    11:31pm on 21 Dec 19 There has been no communication from the union directly (excluding a vague attempt of damage control in the form of a statement from the university itself) and screenshots of Direct Message conversations between the VPs of union which are then made public via the “universityofmemefordshire” Instagram page.
    Michael Smith
    11:32pm on 21 Dec 19 If it were not for this Instagram page, we’d all be totally in the dark. None of these issues regarding the lack of physical security (the effectiveness of the CCTV and the lack of working door locks) on the universities student estate. And people would never have had the courage to come to speak out about their horrific stories regarding the incidents that have happened at the Forum and regarding the Forum’s security personnel, whether it be allegations against the personnel themselves (ranging from sexual assault allegations to complete breaches of duty of care), or allegations of complete negligence and incompetency in regards to keeping students safe.
    Michael Smith
    11:33pm on 21 Dec 19 The above are allegations and must be treated as such until proven otherwise though. But as a Union, you are supposed to represent us. It shouldn’t have had to come to the point where an “Instagram meme page” is representing, supporting & informing us students better than the student union itself.
    Kelsea Weymouth
    1:27am on 23 Dec 19 We need more security. The university shouldn’t be an open public area. It should be privatised with walls and gates guarded with security at all times checking who is on campus and student IDs. Also more cctv cameras and security walking the grounds at night this isn’t enough. Especially inside the forum there needs to be more security and cameras to stop the unwanted sexual assault and sexual harrasment.
    Sophie Jhooti-Cooper
    1:12am on 24 Dec 19 I have been assaulted several times on campus, with zero support or prevention from the University . I’ve been waiting 3 YEARS for support, crickets. I’ve filled out the self referral 3 times. They saw me as the problem that I need to “react better” to situations of danger. Sorry but I will defend myself if I’m attacked. Blaming the victim isn’t the solution, maybe if you hire more staff in wellbeing then maybe people wouldn’t be waiting so long for help. On a separate note, security staff not being properly trained and CCTV not covering where it’s meant to is a serious problem. No one feels safe and the longer this isn’t addressed, the worse it’s getting. Forum security are predators some of both security are on drugs themselves. How do you think we are meant to take you seriously. Even some of the RA’s have a stinking attitude, there are ways to talk to people. Stop being rude to students just because the power has gone to your head.
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