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Herts Empowerment

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Anis Aman
5:12pm on 12 Oct 18 ME!!!! :)
Nauman Zahid
5:15pm on 12 Oct 18 10000% for this!
Muhammad Choudhury
5:48pm on 12 Oct 18 Certainly agree with you, it's a small gesture that will go a long way
Light Okoh-Peter
2:13pm on 14 Oct 18 I certainly agree
Lucy Higgott
5:49pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Shauna Caffrey
6:08pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Jasmine Anyanwu
6:39pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree!
Rajan Basra
6:40pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Gibson Nyamakunda
7:24pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Lee Gilham
7:54pm on 14 Oct 18 I agree
Yashas Arun Kumar
8:06pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Yasmine Chelali
8:12pm on 14 Oct 18 Me 100000%!
Marwan Medhat Adel Mohamed Aly
8:15pm on 14 Oct 18 I agree
Lauren Figg
8:21pm on 14 Oct 18 Agree
Rojin Ghahremani Ghajar
9:11pm on 14 Oct 18 Yes definitely needed, specially for design students that £10 won’t even cover first couple of weeks,
Fabienne Suhling
10:02pm on 14 Oct 18 100% supporting this!
Ian Harris
10:35pm on 14 Oct 18 120% supporting this!
Andrew Robert Seibel
1:41am on 15 Oct 18 As an international exchange student, where we are given $8 USD (£6.10 GBP) of printing credit *per semester*, I am in favour of this.
Lucy Mackintosh
10:18pm on 15 Oct 18 Yes
Charlotte Brooks
8:02pm on 16 Oct 18 I agree
Amy Holloway-Smith
2:49pm on 22 Oct 18 I disagree (but understand agreeing too, as we do pay a lot for tuition fees etc). My reasoning behind disagreeing is as follows: I think this would amount to and encourage too much extra unnecessary paper waste. I can not even begin to imagine the amount of paper that is wasted or necessarily printed per week. The university could instead require less to be printed and if this is already in place and they do not request things to be printed and students are choosing to print we should encourage them to read it online.
Faris Osman
9:16am on 4 Nov 18 I definitely 100% agree. It should be free
Estefany Caicedo Portillo
10:43pm on 16 Nov 18 Agree
Christopher English
2:39pm on 23 Nov 18 Agreed, this is needed!
Ana-Maria Ciofu
4:01pm on 23 Nov 18 I agree
Diego Evrard-Broquet
11:29pm on 26 Nov 18 Please do :)
Muhammad Sajid
11:39pm on 26 Nov 18 Agreeeed
Md Shahriar Kabir Khan
11:42pm on 26 Nov 18 Agreed
Sophie Jhooti-Cooper
4:28am on 29 Nov 18 Agree, we pay how much for our degree? Printing should be in that price
Kyle Onnie Fossum
7:28pm on 6 Dec 18 Agree!
Yewande Adigun
2:09pm on 7 Dec 18 I agree!
Suresh Kumar Gudla
8:20pm on 7 Dec 18 It should be every semester.
Zarin Ali
10:01am on 9 Dec 18 AGREEEED!
Martin Ringwood
5pm on 18 Dec 18 100 per cent agree with this, there are already a lot of financial strains on students, printing doesn't need to add to the list.
Rohit Ray
7:13pm on 26 Jan 19 I agree
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