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    Campus SUBWAY should be halal.

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    Hi Everyone, This thread is to make campus SUBWAY halal considering all the feed backs we received through suggestion boxes. As campus food is expensive and repetitive, it becomes really difficult for many people to access an alternative option. If you would like to see the subway halal please up vote and comment. If you don't think it's a good idea you can down vote and explain your reasons in the comment section too! This thread will work as an evidence to support this idea and lobby the university to make Subway halal. Many Thanks!
Mohammed Zaman
7:26pm on 30 Oct 18 100% agree. There's limited halal food on campus and a poor choice in Hatfield as a whole. Having a halal subway would be beneficial for both students and the company with the extra influx of customers. It's a win win. And I disagree with a comment made above, all halal farms are regulated by the government. And the subway near Asda is not halal unfortunately.
Fahima Choudhury
7:27pm on 30 Oct 18 Hi Annie, I feel the need to reply to this as a Muslim and for all of those who aren't familiar with what halal means. Quite contrary to what you're stating, approving meat as halal is to certify that the meat has been blessed in the name of Allah SWT and killed in the most humane way possible where they feel the least pain as well as being kept in better conditions. This is surely better than having a harder time tracking where the meat is from? It's quite silly to deny this opportunity simply for those who reject for the sole reason that it's labelled "halal." Surely we want to make things more accessible for everyone and not travelling to another campus just because some people don't understand what halal meat actually means.
Aisha Rahman
7:36pm on 30 Oct 18 I feel the university should offer halal food as there is a large population of Muslims in the university. Due to the lack of halal food I am always spending more than £7 and as a full time student who commute to uni, that is a lot of money for just food. Ps: halal meat is must more healthier and cleaner.
Annie Clarke
8:46pm on 30 Oct 18 Whilst I totally understand why there is a demand for more halal food to be available, it’s important to consider the opinion of those of other religions and who are opposed to the practice of halal slaughter. I know how the process occurs as I didn’t make my comment without research and prior knowledge, and i made the comment primarily to highlight to those who do eat halal food that people are against it and this must be considered when making these decisions. There is a lot of information online in regards to regular stunned meat vs halal practice, and it would be beneficial if people were aware that there is a debate whether halal is more humane or not, where many argue it isn’t. I’ve noticed on many occasions halal labelled food available in the forum restaurant, in the SU shop and I was told by a member of staff that the De Hav subway was halal, so it is unfortunate to learn it isn’t. It would be great to have more options available to everyone, but extending Islamic religious practices where there are others of Christian faith etc who this would restrict does not seem fair. I think a fair point we can all agree on from these comments is that perhaps it would be better to focus on lowering food prices as this affects everyone, and would make the currently available halal food more assessible and other food less of a burden on students bank accounts.
Junaid Ahmed
11:05am on 31 Oct 18 Subway should definitely be made halal. The university food is quite expensive and you may not always want to eat from there, the Subway gives an alternative. The university should be inclusive of more faiths and by making something halal in no way makes the food not edible for those who don't observe the faith, it actually has benefits in making the meat cleaner, healthier and it's quite silly to say it's animal cruelty if you're a meat eater - it is actually less painful for animals as it's not done with machines but physically (ensuring the process is swift and the animal doesn't even come in sight of the blade). The main difference between halal and non-halal is that it is done by hand, the animals blood is drained out and it has been blessed with a prayer whilst being slaughtered. It wouldn't be fair to provide a service to students which is not inclusive of all those who use the university's facilities. I would recommend the University to look in to HMC (Halal Monitoring Committee) if they're to look at making it halal as this is the most trusted and best halal food board.
Faris Osman
9:41am on 4 Nov 18 We have a large group of students who eat Halal Subway Food , so I reckon it's the university responsibility to cater for those students. I don't think it's fair nor acceptable for any students to go to a different campus or restaurants in town in order to get food where this demand/need can simply be met on campus by the main food providers. Also provide the Halah subway for those who want it and provide the no halah option for those who want it, I believe Subway can facilitate both and at the end of the day is a win win situation.
Anis Aman
4:21pm on 20 Nov 18 Hi everyone, so this is the reply from the university on this issue. "The university considered applying for a halal store in the Forum, however Subway require strong evidence of a customer demand and as the majority of students are not Muslim the application did not proceed. Halal stores require the support of the majority of the community, when speaking to colleagues about it I urge them to contact Subway customer support (tellsubway.co.uk) so that the requests can be recorded and that at a future date we would have evidence of a strong customer demand that would outweigh the demands of those who would prefer a regular store. As part of the planning processes we look towards the opportunities of opening a store on the de Havilland campus which we would have a greater case to be halal, as this provides choice and would not compete with the existing store on Comet Way. At present we do not have the funding for a second store, but we continue to seek the capital." - My note: I will continue to seek students feedback and their opinions on this matter and continue to lobby the university to have a very diverse and affordable menu for all students from different backgrounds. So, please leave your feedback and thoughts on this, and I will update you on any recent events that take place on this matter. Many Thanks!
Kirstie Scarlett-Bruff
2:02am on 9 Dec 18 What I agree: There needs to be more options for those who need them. What I do not agree: Establishments should pick one or the other. By switching, you simply change your customer base over to the other side rather than gaining any customers. Current customers become the unhappy ones and go elsewhere. I studied Agriculture (farming) for 2 years at level 3. I don't wish to get into the discussion here but I personally do not agree with eating meat that is Halal and this would prevent me from purchasing in Subway if that was the only option, much in the same way those of Muslim faith are prevented from purchasing anywhere that is not Halal. I would not ask everyone else to eat something I had got a priest to sprinkle holy water on (so even if it's not about how the process is done but just the fact it's been blessed by a religion you are not part of, some might feel this is against their own beliefs and as such perhaps on some level it's better to have 'neutral food'), and whilst I know this is not comparable, I wanted to express I don't think it's reasonable to expect everyone to eat the same when people have different beliefs and moral values. I believe everyone including myself are entitled to their fair opinion. However, I do agree there needs to be more options for those who need them as spending over £7 each time is unfair. I would argue Subway isn't that cheap anyway though. /// Dear Anis, Alternatively, perhaps we should be campaigning for a halal OPTION (sorry I would use italics if I could figure out how) and more halal options throughout the campus, as opposed to a complete overhaul of everything sold in the store. Since Subway is all about picking and choosing one's ideal sub, it makes sense to have halal, or not, as another type of option. Perhaps start by adding a couple of sub types with a halal option first to judge sales if the company is concerned, and work upwards from there. Please put this forward to them and see what they say? -Having written that I do see others agree- Kind regards ///
Fahmida Choudhury
2:29pm on 10 Dec 18 I think it is fair to accommodate for BOTH Muslims and non-Muslims. As a Muslim, and along with many others - I think the option for halal meat is very welcomed. If there is the option to have one section of halal meats and this is separated from non-halal meats - not sure if this is an option but it seems fair for Muslims and non-Muslims alike in that case.
Anis Aman
11:50am on 17 Dec 18 Update from Subway: It will be fairly impossible to have Halal and Non-Halal options in the same store as they don't operate in this manner. My opinion: I think they should introduce a system like this but as this is a business, they need strong evidence of customer demand and I would again ask everyone who wants to have both options to contact Subway customer support (tellsubway.co.uk). Dear Kirstie, many thanks for your comment and I already passed this to university. Unfortunately, currently as I said before Subway don't operate in a manner where they have halal and non-halal options in the same store. :( :( Hope this helps.
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