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    Lockers for Commuter Students

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    Commuter students experience a whole different student experience than the people who live on campus. They miss out on events, activities and sometimes classes due to the semi-poor transportation service that we have(which we are working to improve every day). This year, we are focusing on commuter students experience and how we can enrich that experience with loads of activities, events and having specific spaces for them. The lockers idea was provided by a student where students can keep their staff and participate in all the activities that happen around campus which could potentially make them feel more included to the university. Let us know if you have any specific location in mind where it will be most suitable and also please leave an up vote if you think it's a great idea!
Aakifah Khan
4:34pm on 29 Nov 18 I think this is a great idea. As a commuting student, It is hard when I have a long day at University as I have to carry everything with me for a full day, e.g. My lunch, books for class. It is exhausting and I am so glad that it is finally getting recognised that life at University is hard for commuting students!
Samantha Stuart
4:56pm on 29 Nov 18 This would definitely help commuters to use the sports facilities on offer. The thought of having to carry sports/gym equipment as well as a heavy bag of books, laptop etc is too much.
Amy Holloway-Smith
8:31pm on 3 Dec 18 Great! Here’s my thoughts. College Lane: Forum atrium area (maybe the wall by the right hand side of the stairs) & main reception (the chillout/tabled areas) De Hav: the Street & the atrium (upstairs mezzanine area)
Muhammad Choudhury
6:08pm on 4 Dec 18 I echo the other comments, this is a great initiative taken - thank you very much on behalf of commuter students. In my opinion, the best areas at De Hav campus would be in the locality of M & N block as many commuters enter this way en route to/from bus stops as well as Atrium space upstairs. Over at CL, Forum is a good space too!
Thomas Boon
6:22pm on 4 Dec 18 This would be great. I had to carry stuff around for ages yesterday because I didn’t have time to make a return journey back to the park and ride. It should be a scheme that commuters should sign up for so they don’t get blocked by random people who don’t need the space as much.
Samantha Douglas
4:39pm on 6 Dec 18 I strongly support this initiative. It will be a huge relieve off my back. Only yesterday, I was contemplating on ways to carry less books to uni, and to be honest I didn’t have any idea. My alternate is not bringing any books at all, which will hinder my studies. I hope this initiative get approved. Looking forward!
Shriya Ashar
5:29pm on 6 Dec 18 Yes, this is a great idea. I wanted to model a golf swing for my biomechanics project and had to carry my golf club from lecture to lecture, as there was no safe place to keep it in the lab.
Christopher Smith
6:18pm on 6 Dec 18 Lockers would be a godsend. I'm a PGCE student, so I only come in one day a week, but I commute by bicycle from Watford (21km each way) come rain or shine. Having a locker would mean I could leave certain things like spare shoes, my wash bag and other equipment at UH and not have to worry about carrying so much on my pannier racks. For example, on my typical commute I bring the following: Laptop and charger Folder Pencil case Textbook Re-useable coffee cup Washbag Towel Change of clothes Change of shoes All in all it's probably an extra 5-10 kg of kit. If I could even leave a couple of kilos of stuff in a locker that would make my commute so much less hassle.
Zainab Din
7:01pm on 6 Dec 18 Great idea, so useful for storing heavy books which I have to carry with me everywhere. In college lane, the forum near the wall where the extra chairs outside student union shops would be ideal to be placed.
Harry Walsh
7:06pm on 6 Dec 18 I commute by motorcycle and occasionally bicycle, and would appreciate a place to store my gear!
Paul Wicklen
7:12pm on 6 Dec 18 This is an excellent idea and would make life so much easier for a lot of students. College Lane - Forum, LRC and maybe inside the foyers of Lindop, Todd and Art Building, to be convenient for the bus stops
Evelin Fernandes
8:02pm on 6 Dec 18 OMG..... Today I was think about this issue, and I was wondering why we don't have lockers. I leave home every day 6am to get to Uni early them I stay all day and leave Uni aroun4-5pm. My bag has at least 10% of my weight I need to carry a lot of stuff with me and the days I work after Uni my bag double the weight. Would be a relief, and my back and arms will be very grateful if we could get lockers. Obviously I will also will wonder how save this would be. Anyway way, even if I have to leave my no expenses stuff will be very helpful.
Hemila Goinden
8:04pm on 6 Dec 18 Yes we need this!!!
Daniel Johnson
8:09pm on 6 Dec 18 Yeah great idea, carrying a gym bag and uni bad around on long days is the worst
Kwaku Maafo
8:22pm on 6 Dec 18 Great idea
Daniella Reich
9:01pm on 6 Dec 18 As a commuter student I think it is a great idea so that we don’t have to lug all our heavy things around.
Md Shahriar Kabir Khan
9:03pm on 6 Dec 18 Yeah, 125% agreed. That's a great idea.
Michelle Roberts
9:21pm on 6 Dec 18 This is a great idea...! I had a huge struggle when i went swimming and had to carry a big heavy bag all day!
Devon Rogers
10:25pm on 6 Dec 18 I think lockers are a great idea. But only for commuters? Uni is a 20-minute walk for me so I stay on campus all day rather than missing the 1-hour break I have to walk home and back. Lockers should be for anyone that would like to use them.
Amy Holloway-Smith
10:30pm on 6 Dec 18 I agree with Devon, they should be available to everyone :)
Emily Stone
10:33pm on 6 Dec 18 As above with Amy Holloway-Smith. I have an old back injury and carrying everything is causing me a great deal of pain daily.
Kerry Cross
8:56am on 7 Dec 18 Yes please! I would love to be able to leave things in a locker until the end of the day, as I'm carrying around loads of clothes. I walk 2.5 miles to the College Lane campus, and I get very sweaty on the way, so I have to carry the days' clothes in my bag and change before lectures, but I then have to carry sweaty clothes with me everywhere, all day. Having somewhere to store them to dry out a bit would be great!
Holly Wilkinson
9:21am on 7 Dec 18 This is a great idea, it would be very helpful for commuting students.I have to carry a lot of bags around and it would make it easier to spend the whole day on campus to do my studies instead of just coming in when I have lectures etc.
Nicholas Hall
9:22am on 7 Dec 18 Yes this would be a good idea, I study physiotherapy, and yes although they do provide lockers, A) they are not really that big & B) there is not enough off them for all years to have one or even all first years to have one. This means we have to carry books and our practical uniform around all day if we are communting.
Dhana Goinden
12:32pm on 7 Dec 18 I think it would be a great idea as a commuting student myself, I spend half my time at my grandparents house who live closer to uni, and the rest of my time at my mum's house. Some days I travel to and from my grandparents and my mum's so I am carrying sets of clothes, toiletries, uni stuff and my laptop. It would be a great idea to have a place to store these things so that I am not carrying it around uni all day.
Yewande Adigun
2:10pm on 7 Dec 18 Brilliant Idea, I commute too and it will be nice to have somewhere to put stuff instead of carrying them everywhere!
Suresh Kumar Gudla
8:19pm on 7 Dec 18 Good Idea, please implement ASAP.
Ana-Maria Ciofu
1:31am on 8 Dec 18 I vote yes to adding lockers for commuters. It gets uncomfortable for me during a normal university day since I am involved constantly in 'active students' and social activities throughout both campuses. In my opinion, I believe that it would be practical for the lockers to be assembled near the main bus stations (example: stop R) or in front of LRC(DH)/near The Forum(CL).
Zarin Ali
10am on 9 Dec 18 Excellent idea! It will help us commuters a lot! :)
Fatematussugra Saifuddin
2:27pm on 9 Dec 18 This is definitely a great idea!
Yosser Shamki
5:59pm on 9 Dec 18 I have always wished there were general lockers on campus for this exact purpose!
Claire Wallek
9:18am on 10 Dec 18 great idea. as others have said above a full day on campus requires books, computers, chargers, lunch etc. it would be really helpful to have a secure place to leave things
Trejuan Simpson
1:01pm on 10 Dec 18 needed
Yasmin Nicholas
6:47pm on 10 Dec 18 Definitely needed! Looking forward to seeing lockers up and about the campus.
Carolina Castro Rodriguez
9:06am on 11 Dec 18 This is most needed! Thank you SO much for thinking of this. It's like you read my mind! I started my PhD just a month ago and I commute from St Albans. I am finding it really hard to commute with my laptops, some textbooks I need, personal stuff and also, if I want to stay and do something different I need to have a second bag. It becomes too much so sometimes I opt for not doing other activities so as not to carry the staff around with me. Thus, I was thinking of contacting you to ask for this, so I was very pleased when I saw this post. I am based in DeHavilland Campus, where there are no lockers at all, so it would really improve our experience if this was to be implemented. Also, sometimes (like many other students) I have to move in between Campuses as I am based on DeHavilland (Business School) but the most courses from the Research Development Programme are held in College Lane, so I need to take everything with me up and down during the day, when I could just leave things in DeHav. Thank you very much for looking into this. Looking forward to seeing the change!
Anis Aman
4:25pm on 17 Jan 19 Good news – the University has listened to your views and concerns and is now conducting a feasibility study to see what sort of lockers we could have, where they might be located and how many we would need. This is going to take some time, so please be patient, but we will post further updates on this page as soon as they become available.
Amy Holloway-Smith
5:04pm on 2 Oct 19 Good news 2.0! Your patience was greatly appreciated (& may I say they have come much sooner than anticipated. Awesome!). After the Students' Union successfully lobbied last year and the process finished off this year ... the lockers have now arrived! - they will be ready to use soon. You can find them in the LRC's on both campuses. They are available to all students on a first-come first-served basis for a period of 24 hours at a time. Instructions and more info can be found next to the lockers, but if you need any additional help please ask a member of staff. We hope that the lockers make your time studying here at Herts easier (no more carrying around heavy books all day) and give you a greater ability to be able to get involved within the Herts community (store your sports gear or other things for your breaks or end of the day). Whoop! Also, I hope you'll agree & join me in saying a big shout out to everyone involved who made this happen for the students! You rock! From, Vice President Education
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