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    Student Wellbeing needs more funding & organisation

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    Student Wellbeing has been having notable issues of processing counseling applicants, administrative requests & inquires, following up on students, and often providing adequate service. Unsent emails, low engagement, etc can make students who are already facing adversity feel unsupported. There's been times where I've went to ask for counselings appointments at different times a day, be it calling at 8:32am, turning up during the day, last thing in the evening, only to be told, "sorry, we've ran out, come back tomorrow"...for months. With no further inquiry, concern as to whether I might be at risk, or suggestion on how to actually get anything from their services. My course leader had to call them in for anyone to do anything. There's so much anecdotal evidence I've heard of SW failing in supporting other students as well. It can be a major selling point that the university is invested and supportive of its students, as many other universities don't even have such services. I genuinely believe staff is trying their hardest, but it feels like they just don't have the resources to meet demand.
Kristina Harwood
12:33am on 31 Dec 18 Another issue is a seemingly high turnover of staff. I was shocked to visit the student well being team and be told they couldn't access the notes I needed because most of them were files written by staff who were no longer there. This made getting evidence for my student finance application immensely difficult and stressful. It is also important to note that you need to build trust and understanding with a councillor and how is that possible when you are lucky to get regular appointments, let alone see the same person. I agree, the team are doing their best and I have no harsh words to say about them personally, but they desperately need more funding.
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