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Representative Networks ensure under-represented voices are heard and can make change

We've listened to your feedback and understand that not all student groups feel fully represented. This is why we've introduced Representative Networks. As our diverse student body, you'll have different experiences at University, and sometimes when things need changing, voices get lost in the crowd. We will support these groups in setting up their own campaigns to make positive change, get  involved in focused research opprtunities, and it's a great way to meet other students who can relate.



This year we've set up the Disabled Students' Network (DSN) and the Postgraduate Students' Network. If you would like to join one of these, fill out the form below.
We don't want to stop there though. We know that more can be created and want to hear from you as the student body to tell us what Networks you would like to see. Email campaigns@hertfordshire.su with your ideas.
Some examples from other Students' Unions include; Women's Network, Mature Students' Network, LGBT+ Network, Black Students' Network, Parent and Carer Network, Distance Learner Network, Apprentices' Network. 


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Want to lead a Network? We'll have more information coming soon about how you can become a Network Representative.


Disabled Students' Network (DSN)

The DSN is for anyone with a disability. Whether it's visible, invisible, diagnosed, undiagnosed, this is the Network for you. Joining the DSN will give you an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, hold meetings together to discuss any issues you're facing, and plan campaigns around these issues to create positive change for current and future students who have disabilities at Herts. We also welcome students who are allies to this group and have a passion for campaigning and supporting the rights of people with disabilities. As your Students' Union we'll make sure the opinions and discussions you have also shape the work we do.


Postgraduate Students' Network (PGN)

The PGN is for all our Research and Taught Postgraduate (PG) students. Compared to undergraduate students, PG students are the minority and have a very different experience. We want to support you in making change, so the University experience isn't focused solely on undergraduates. The PGN will give you an opportunity to meet PG students from all across Herts, discuss what issues you face as PG students and how your journey's differ, then create campaigns and feed your opinions into the work we do so we can advocate for you further.



Frequently Asked Questions

How are Networks different from Societies?

Societies are based around what you're interested in, meeting others with the same interest and organising fun activities for members to participate in.
Networks are based on how you identify, coming together and making positive change at University specifically for that group of students.


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