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Research & Reports

Hertfordshire Students' Union publishes a number of reports aimed at students;  the University; and a variety of other stakeholders. This includes our extensive research into our student membership and responses to consultation on sector changes.


The Teaching Excellence Framework

A technical consultation on the TEF, part of the Higher Education White Paper.

Consultation from:
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Submitted: 09/04/2018

NHS Bursary Reforms

A consultation on proposals to reform healthcare education funding for nursing, midwifery and allied health students.

Consultation from:
The Department of Health

Submitted: 09/04/2018


Higher Education Green Paper

A consultation on proposals for sweeping changes to the university sector, including the Teaching Excellence Framework, new providers, the Office for Students, & increased fees.

Consultation from: The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Submitted: 09/04/2018

Widening Access Funding Reforms

A consultation on proposals to reform national funding to support widening access and participation of disadvantaged groups in higher education.

Consultation from:
The Higher Education Funding Council for England

Submitted: 09/04/2018


Destination of Leavers From Higher Education (DLHE)

The Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey or DLHE is a statistical survey which aims to contact UK and EU domiciled graduates from higher education (HE) programmes six months after qualifying from their HE course.

Consultation from: Office for Students

Submitted: 09/04/2018

QAA Consultation Response

Consultation from:
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

Submitted: 09/04/2018


QAA Student Submission!

As part of the University’s audit by the Quality Assurance Agency, the Students’ Union compiled a submission on behalf of students at Herts. 

This report is based on feedback from students and can be downloaded. 


Student Experience Report

The Student Experience Report is an annual report which pulls together student feedback from the previous year about your experiences while at UH - covering issues ranging from academic to non-academic. 


Uno Bus 2016 Review

Uno Bus is subject to a periodic review from Hertfordshire Students' Union. During December 2015, 300 students and staff members at the University of Hertfordshire completed a survey regarding the Uno Bus service. The results of this survey were combined with further evidence that the Students' Union has received to make a series of recommendations to Uno Bus, which can be seen below.


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