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Your School Community Organisers


School Community Organisers (SCOs) are appointed to enhance the sense of community within each School. 


SCOs are appointed by Hertfordshire Students' Union and their School of Study. This year we've recruited a fantastic team of SCOs who are looking forward to working collaboratively to improve your university experience. Here you can find out more about this role and take a look at the SCOs for your School. We would also encourage you to nominate an SCO of the Month as and when you feel like they deserve recognition.


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Dan Thompson

Hi I’m Dan, a third year business student. I’m happy to help with any concerns and open to organise any social ideas. Feel free to say hi around campus.

Hannah Blagden

Hello, I am Hannah Blagden and I am an undergraduate student, in my second year, studying marketing! I wanted to be a Student Community Organiser to enhance everyone’s experiences at the university and make sure those students who suffer with mental health and/or a learning disability are included in experiences as well as their voices being heard. It is important to be inclusive of everybody and ensure happiness, which is what I want to do within my role.

Creative Arts

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Jakob Magnusson

Hi! My name is Jakob and I’m a second year in the School of Creative Arts studying Audio Recording and Production. I’m a very social guy from Sweden who loves interacting with new people and getting everyone involved in events. For this coming year I will be working towards solving the lack of events and interaction between people caused by lockdown restrictions. I also want to improve cross-course interaction within the art department, so make sure you are on the lookout for different events over the year!

Emma Watson

Hi, I’m Emma I’m 21 years old and originally from Birmingham. I am currently going into my 3rd year of Uni studying Photography. I have been a student rep on my course for the last 2 years and I thought being an SCO would help me build on those skills and hopefully make bigger changes school wide rather than just on my course. I’d love to enhance the community in our school by having more events that involve the wide range of courses in the Creative Arts School rather than everything being insulated. I’d love to meet many more creative minds and encourage collaboration throughout the school, not just for assignments

Beyza Kayali

This’s Beyza I’m the SCO for the school of creative arts this year! I’m in my final year of studying interior architecture and design at the university of Hertfordshire. I was a student rep last year, and I really loved being one! I actually even received the Student rep of the year award in the Students’ union 2020 awards show. I’d like my creative arts community to be closer and more supportive to one another. That’s why this year we’re aiming to bring many activities from inspirational talks from our own alumni to having more interesting first Thursday evenings, and so much more!


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Ellie Brock

Hi! My name is Ellie and I’m in my second year of studying at Herts! I study education, with the ambition of going into teaching once I have finished university. As your school community officer, my main focus is celebrating diversity and inclusion within our university in order to ensure that everyone feels they have access to all the opportunities that come with student life, academically and beyond. Last year, as a student rep I discovered the true importance of student voice in terms of improving student engagement so this year, as an SCO, I really want to build on that through exploring the importance of communication through social media, which due to the current circumstances, is more important now than ever.

Hannah Hyman

My name is Hannah Hyman, I am currently in my third year of the Bachelor of Education Honours Degree Primary with QTS. Previously I have been a rep which has enabled me to enhance my communication skills and has encouraged a drive for change?amongst the university. Being a SCO means that I can be involved with representatives talking about anything students would like to change and to build a sense of community among students to provide the best university experience.

Miriansteve Ebigbo

My name is Miriansteve Ebigbo, I am currently in my final year studying Education Studies. During the last academic year, I was a student representative. Being a student rep revealed the importance of student’s voice to me. I was able to present my collated feedbacks from my fellow students to the programme committee meeting which brought about positive change. This shows that our voice really counts, and I have developed my communication skills as well. This year, I have taken step further to become a SCO, I will be actively liaising with the Student union, student reps, students, staff and the entire School of Education community. I believe that this is another opportunity to further contribute positively to the students experience in the university.

Health and Social Work

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Rubi Thomson

I came to university as a mature student, after working in an office for 15 years. It was a difficult decision going from fulltime employment with regular income, to a student with limited funds. I have two children, so it was never going to be easy, but I'm learning so many new things whilst knowing my degree will unlock so many opportunities for me. The role of the SCO appealed to me because I feel I can make a difference by ensuring important messages are communicated to the right people. The wellbeing of students is paramount and knowing I will have input into organised events will help make the university a more vibrant place

Daniel Currell

Hi, my name is Daniel Currell. The reason decided to become a School Community Organiser is because I want to try and create a sense of community within the School of HSK. As being a student rep last year it was vital for me to hear views from my peers in order them to have a sense of belonging within the school. This was vital as it could have had an impact on their university experience. Also, mental health is also a key factor in order to enhance the community feel within the school. By doing this I would like an enhance the well-being within the school due to most of our lectures being online it could feel like we have lost touch with our friends at university, other students and staff. Finally, I wish you all the best this year. Any problems feel free to contact me.

Harriet Podmore

Hi I’m Harriet, I’m a 2nd year student paramedic. Alongside my studies I enjoy horse racing, swimming and a good Yorkshire tea. I am a lifeguard at David Lloyd Leisure and am currently taking part in Ultra White Collar Boxing. This year my aims for HSK will be improving wellbeing services and supporting our students through the pandemic. I am also interested in introducing multidisciplinary skills labs and continuing coffee and a catch up. I am open to any ideas and will do my best to pursue them.

Merrely Hond

Hi I’m Merrely, I am an adult nursing student in my final year as an undergraduate. I enjoy going to both the placement and helping take care of patients. Knowing that I've made an impact at the end of a shift makes my day. I would like to strengthen the sense of community within the School of Health and Social Care, as it is essential for us to be able to obtain advice or support for well-being. There are not many things available on campus for students in this community, and I would like to be a spokesperson for my fellow peers and help organise school-based events.


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Gemma Olive

Hi there! My name is Gemma, I’m a final year Politics and International Relations student and really looking forward to getting started as a Humanities School Community Organiser. I’ve been a Student Representative in the past and enjoyed the experience so much I wanted to become further involved with my School. This year, my aim will be to strengthen the connection between our School and that of the Societies linked to us, to really help promote the sense of community it provides as well as demonstrate how beneficial joining one can be! Having been a part of a Society Committee, I know first-hand know how hard they work to offer a fun and friendly environment for everyone!

Callaghan French

Hello, everyone! I’m Callaghan, the SCO for Education within the School of Humanities! I’m really looking forward to the role and the challenges that await. My focus is on all things academic and it’s my job to try and resolve academic related issues that students may find themselves in. I’m in my second year now and I’m studying History. My main priorities this year include ensuring greater use of the Academic Skills sessions by students as well ensuring greater communication and transparency between students and SCOs. I hope you have a brilliant year and I look forward to seeing you all!

Joint Honours

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Gertrude Tuffour

My name is Gertrude Tuffour and I am School Community Organiser for Joint Honours. I am a Law with Business student, and I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting of students’ advancements that happen every day at HU School of Humanities. Before devoting to become a SCO, I served as School Rep for Law school and Business School first and second year. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, proposes that we need certain essential needs to be met before we can go on to achieve more. As students, we need to meet our psychological needs, such as belonging and self-esteem. Once all these needs are fulfilled, then we can reach our full academic curriculum potential. As your SCO, I will ensure that, there is an impact of a welcoming environment and collaboration from all angles for JH students. Also, I will step in and make all the difference to help everyone in our school take a break and come together once in a while to enjoy activities organised by JH and other schools’ societies.


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Rhiannon Ellis

My name is Rhiannon, and I am currently in my final year of University studying Criminal Justice and Criminology. During my studies I have been a student rep which I really enjoyed, and I worked in the police service. My main goal for my role as a SCO is to enhance the sense of community in the Law school by merging Criminology and Law students together in activities to bridge the gap between the two courses. I also want to ensure both courses are receiving the same amount of opportunities to enhance their experience at Uni and to increase employability after graduating.

Kiera O’Connor

Hi! I am one of the SCOs for the Law School, I am a second year Law Student. I work as part of the Law Clinic and the Student Rep for The Hertfordshire Junior Lawyers Division. I am happy to answer any questions or assist it anything I can!.

Life and Medical Science

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Greta Mazeikaite

My name is Greta and I am in my last year of studying Psychology. Having migrated to the UK, from Lithuania at the age of twelve, I have developed a vast understanding of what a community should look and feel like, hence why I became a school community organiser. My aim as a SCO is to help as many individuals as possible feel like they belong, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Not only am I a SCO, I am also an ambassador and the chair of the SoPASS society! Therefore, if you have any questions or simply want a familiar face to talk to, feel free to contact me.

Thelma Gossel

My name is Thelma and I’m current in my final year studying Pharmacy. One way I would like to enhance the sense of community within my school is by being able to build a relationship with students in the department which would hopefully allow them to feel comfortable to discuss any concerns they may have. This would be a great way to ensuring my school is actively improving.

Annie Clarke

My name is Annie Clarke and I am a final year BSc Biomedical Science Student. Alongside my studies, I am involved in several well-known charities, as both a trustee and also helping to run a project based on inclusion and reducing isolation. I am really excited to get started with my work as SCO and my main aim is to make sure all students are succeeding in their personal development. We want everyone to engage and grow together, and to learn that our peers are some of our most important connections to network with.


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Abhishek Koushik

Hello everyone, my name is Abhishek Koushik, I'm an international student currently in my second year of BSC (hons) in computer science. My main is to help with your transition to uni-life. I am very open and would love to help you. My hobbies include playing video games, reading and travelling. Together we can achieve a lot. For united, we stand. divided, we fall.

Syeda Haram Zehra

Hey! My name is Syeda Haram Zehra (although everyone calls me Zara). I'm an international student in the final year of my Physics BSc. I was a student representative last year which I found very enjoyable and that is why I decided to get more involved and become an SCO for PAM. It might be hard during these uncertain times to feel a sense of community but I, along with PAMSOC, plan to hold online and if possible in-person events during our semesters. I will also have regular Zoom meetings to discuss any concerns or ideas so join me in those or just drop by to say hi!

Michelle Chido Mawarura

My name is Michelle Chido Mawarura. I'm from Zimbabwe, currently in my final year of B(Eng) Aerospace Systems Engineering with pilot studies. Being an advocate for positive change has always been a passion of mine and this year I look forward to accomplishing more for you and with you as the SCO for SPECS.

Don Ratnayake

Hi I’m Don from SPECS I’m an International postgraduate student originally from Sri Lanka currently pursuing my masters in Advanced Computer Science. I enjoy reading, badminton, dancing and socialising in my spare time. My main focus is to help you settle in, by providing you with support and assistance with your academic needs and concerns by being your voice. I am a very friendly person and easy to talk to. Please feel free to talk to me regarding any issues.

Muhammad Sajid

I am Saj. And last year I was VP Activities. I love to socialise and get involved in challenging activities. I would love to increase the Sense of community within our schools my making the communication between students and reps better. I will try my best to make sure that Covid effects on mental health are also reduced.

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