Student Choice Awards

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A chance for students to recognise and reward standout members of staff!


The Student Choice Awards are an annual celebration of staff members at the University of Hertfordshire who have gone above and beyond for the benefit of students. We want to hear all about the academic, professional & research staff who have had a profound impact on your student experience. Make sure the commitment of a standout staff member doesn't go unnoticed - nominate them here


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Friday 25th June - Friday 16th July

All students at the University of Hertfordshire can nominate. Nominations can be made here


We were hoping to be able to host the Student Choice Awards on campus this year, but as a result of the current circumstances (and in light of the success of last year's Student Choice Awards) we have decided to run them completely digitally again this year. In a bid to keep it simple, there will be no categories or criteria and no shortlists or highly-commended nominees. Instead, students are free to leave a message of gratitude for any member of staff they they feel deserves a special shoutout. All messages left here count as nominations, and all staff members that are nominated will in turn receive a Student Choice Award


Back in 2020 we asked students to vote on a new name for our teaching awards. Our teaching awards have formerly been known as the Student Teaching Achievement Gold (STAG) Awards and, prior to that, the Student-Led Teaching Awards. Whilst the awards are all about the learning experience of students, we felt the emphasis was too heavily weighted towards teaching. We know that professional and research staff can have just as big of an impact on your higher education as our brilliant academic staff. All staff, regardless of whether they are academic, professional or research, are worthy of being rewarded for the difference they make to the lives of our students. We therefore wanted a name that reflected these all-encompassing awards. We put a vote out to students and it turns out your favourite was the same as ours, leaving us with the Student Choice Awards. We promise we'll stick by this name for years to come!