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Student Council

What is Student Council?


Submit a motion to Student Council here:

Student Council is the highest student-led representative forum and decision-making body in the Students' Union. It's a platform by which students are able to discuss the key issues facing them here at Herts, and vote on any policy that has been submitted for approval.

If there's something you want to see changed, improved or implemented by the Students' Union or University, be sure to submit it as a motion below, so that it can be taken forward to our next meeting!

If you have any questions about this process at all, or want to know more about Student Council, please email studentcouncil@hertfordshire.su

*** The deadline for submitting a motion to our next meeting is tbc ***

Next Meeting:


Agenda & Papers:





Check out the Facebook event here: tbc - be sure to share with your peers!

Previous Meetings:

Wednesday 5th February (05.02.20)
Wednesday 20th November (20.11.19)
Wednesday 9th October (09.10.19)

Motions Passed:

ACTIVE (2017-now)

Creating Communities Through Networks (Passed: 05.02.20)

Parking on Campus (Passed: 05.02.20)

Campus Accommodation Prices (Passed: 05.02.20)

Group work (Passed: 20.11.19)

Society inclusion officers (Passed 20.11.19)

White T-shirt Policy (Passed: 09.10.19)

Inclusivity for Jewish Students (Passed: 15.05.19)

Introducing an Environmental Officer (Passed: 15.05.19)

Hearing Loop System in FMM (Passed: 08.04.19)

Drop the 3 Ds (Passed: 08.04.19)

More support for Trident Media (Passed: 06.02.19)

Students' wellbeing in UH Strategy (Passed: 12.12.18)

Students' Mental Health (Passed: 12.12.18)

LAPSED (pre-2017)

Campaign Officers (Lapsed: March 2020)

Crush Underground (Lapsed: February 2019)

Graphic Designers (Lapsed: February 2019)

Social Events and Welcome Ceremonies (Lapsed: February 2019)

Students' Union Policy and Governance

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