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Student Council


Student Council is the highest student-led representational body at the Students’ Union.


Find out more about what this means and why you should get involved below!



Following an election in our first meeting of the year, the students successfully appointed as your Chair and Deputy Chair of Student Council respectively are:


Victoria Udeh and Maryam Ateeq!


You can check out the full details of what their role entails here.


And if there's something you want to submit for discussion at our next meeting, please email studentcouncil@hertfordshire.su, outlining what it is, why you think it's important to students, and what you want to be done about it moving forward.

Alternatively, submit something to our dedicated online feedback collection tool (#HertsEmpowerment) here.


Upcoming Meetings

The date and time of our next meeting is Thursday 26th November (5-7pm). Click here to join!

Please find the full agenda, as well as the reports from your Elected Officers and other updates below:


President Report (Karthik Kumar Bonkur)

VP Activities Report (Bobbie Jay)

VP Community Report (Kayleigh Malone)

VP Education Report (Saad Raees)

And for more general information, please refer to our "Guide to Student Council" above.

Past Meetings

Thursday 29th October 2020



SC-4.1 Minutes (29.04.20)

SC-5.1 Role Description (Chair of Student Council)

SC-5.2 Candidates for Chair Election

SC-7.1 President Report (Karthik Kumar Bonkur)

SC-7.2 VP Activities Report (Bobbie Jay)

SC-7.3 VP Community Report (Kayleigh Malone)

SC-7.4 VP Education Report (Saad Raees)


Wednesday 29th April 2020


Minutes (29.04.20)


Wednesday 5th February 2020


4.1 Minutes

5.2a Bye-Law 3b – Part-Time Officers

5.2b Proposed amendment to Bye-Law 3b

5.3 Bye-Law 4 - Elections and Referenda

6.1 Rida Shafqat (President) Report

6.2 Muhammad Sajid (VP Activities) Report

6.3 Farhan Rafique (VP Community) Report

6.4 Amy Holloway-Smith (VP Education) Report

8.1 Creating Communities Through Networks (Motion)

8.2 Environmental Policy (Motion)

8.3 Parking on Campus (Motion)

8.4 Campus Accommodation Prices (Motion)

9.1 Security on Campus



Wednesday 20th November 2019


4.1 Minutes

5.2 Bye-Law 4 - Elections and Referenda

5.3 Bye-Law 7 - Licensed Premises Code of Conduct

7.1 Muhammad Sajid (VP Activities) Report

7.2 Farhan Rafique (VP Community) Report

7.3 Amy Holloway-Smith (VP Education) Report

8.1 Wednesday lectures (Motion)

8.2 Group work (Motion)

8.3 Society Inclusion Officers (Motion)

8.4 Smoke-free campus (Motion)


8.2b Group work (Motion, amended)

8.3b Society Inclusion Officers (Motion, amended)


Wednesday 9th October 2019


2.1 SEEC Constitution

2.2 Academic Board Constitution

2.3 Student Council Chair Job Description

6.1 Bye-Law 1 - Governance

6.2 Bye-Law 5 - Societies

7.1 Rida Shafqat (President) Report

7.2 Farhan Rafique (Vice-President Community) Report

7.3 Muhammad Sajid (Vice-President Activities) Report

7.4 Amy Holloway-Smith (Vice-President Education) Report

9.1 White T-shirt Policy



Motions Passed

Active (2017-now)

Creating Communities Through Networks  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Parking on Campus  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Campus Accommodation Prices  |  Passed: 05.02.20

Group work  |  Passed: 20.11.19

Society Inclusion Officers  |  Passed 20.11.19

White T-shirt Policy  |  Passed: 09.10.19

Introducing an Environmental Officer  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Inclusivity for Jewish Students  |  Passed: 15.05.19

Hearing Loop System in FMM  |  Passed: 08.04.19

Drop the 3 Ds  |  Passed: 08.04.19

More support for Trident Media  |  Passed: 06.02.19

Students' wellbeing in UH Strategy  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Students' Mental Health  |  Passed: 12.12.18

Lapsed (pre-2017)

Campaign Officers  |  Lapsed: March 2020

Crush Underground  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Graphic Designers  |  Lapsed: February 2019

Social Events and Welcome Ceremonies  |  Lapsed: February 2019


Interested in this sort of thing? Check out our regulations, policies and governance here. Any questions about anything on this page? Please feel free to contact us.


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