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You're Awesome Awards Nomination Form


Some information about you

What is your name? 

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What year are you in?

 1st Year (Level 4)

 2nd Year (Level 5)

 Final Year (Level 6)

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 Post Graduate Taught

Post Graduate Research


Information about the person you think is awesome

We want to make sure that we can get every award to every awesome person, therefore we need a little bit of information about them.

What is your nominees full name?

In what area do they work? 

 Academic (e.g. lecturers and teaching staff)

 Other School (e.g. technicians)


 Student Services (e.g. Student Wellbeing and the Student Centre)

 Catering (e.g. Starbucks and resturants)

 Estates (e.g cleaning, maintenance and security)

 Learning Resource Centres (LRCs)

 Accommodation (e.g. Accomodation Helpdesk staff and Resident Assistants RAs)

 Hertfordshire Sports Village (e.g. on campus gyms and the Athletic Union)


 Hertfordshire Students' Union

 Other (please specifiy)

What is their job title?

What is their email address (if known)?

Please tell us why you think this person is awesome?

Remember to give as much information as possible including examples. 

We like to share with winners who has nominated them for their award, however if you would prefer to remain anonymous, please select this box .