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We understand you may have a bunch of questions ahead of starting at - or returning to - the University of Hertforshire this autumn. With Freshers 2020 just around the corner, we thought that rounding up the below info might be helpful for you.



COVID-19 Precautions

To ensure everyone’s safety we are following the government and university's guidance with COVID-19

Full University guidance can be found here.



SU Welcome Desks

The Students' Union Welcome Desk on De Havilland will remain closed as we could not create a safe environment

The Students' Union Welcome Desk on College Lane will be open Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm. To make sure the receptions are safe we have installed screens and hand sanitiser stations. We have also asked members of staff working at the Welcome Desk to wear a mask


The Forum Hertfordshire

We sadly have had to keep the Forum nightclub closed for the foreseeable future


Events on campus

Alongside our online programme we will be running a small number of on campus events. To ensure these are run in a safe way each event is fully risk assessed and additional safety measures have been put in place. Safety measures include things like sanitiser stations, distancing circles, multiple entry and exit points to avoid congestion, non face to face seating.


I can't login to the website. What shall I do?

Students that haven't yet registered - or re-registered - will not be able to login to the Students' Union website

If you're a new student, you can find the New Student Registration process here

If you're a returning student, you can find the Returning Student Re-Enrolment process here


I have registered/re-registered but I'm still having trouble logging in. What shall I do?

Our system updates overnight so unfortunately you won't be able to login immediately after registering/re-registering. Please wait until the following day before you try to login to the Students' Union website

If you still experience issues the next day, please contact us

Welcome Desks

Will the Welcome Desks be open?

Our Welcome Desk on College Lane will be open Monday to Friday, 10:00–15:00. We are expecting to open our doors for the first time on Monday 21st September

Our Welcome Desk on De Havilland will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this


What can I go to the Welcome Desk for?

Our Welcome Desk on College Lane will essentially be a point of information for students. We will have screens installed for health and safety purposes, along with a one-way system. We will not be distributing any promotional materials from our Welcome Desks as we normally do during this time. Our printing and binding service is also temporarily suspended. Students will not be able to purchase anything at our Welcome Desks. Students can register for their free society memberships online here. TOTUM Vouchers can be purchased online here. Students will not be able to access the main office where our permanent staff and Elected Officers sit, but there is an option to book an online appointment with any one of our teams


How do I book an online appointment with a member of staff or an Elected Officer?

We're sad that the current circumstances mean we're not able to welcome students into our main office as usual. Don't worry! We're still here to support you. You can request an appointment with Advice & Support, Elected Officers, Student Activities or Student Voice. They'll be able to talk to you in whichever format works best for you - email, phone or video call. Simply complete the relevant form and a member of the team will be in touch

Hutton Hall

Will I be able to access Hutton Hall?

For the foreseeable future we are having to limit the opening hours of Hutton Hall. Hutton Hall will only be open from Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00. For the first semester, it will only be available for use by a few select societies, who must book Hutton Hall before use. We will review the Hutton Hall opening hours in January. Please note that this is subject to change. If at any point we cannot resume society bookings, we will communicate this to our Society Committee Members

Students' Union Key Contacts

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, our working conditions were changed to protect the health and wellbeing of the UH community, with all Students' Union staff working from home. We are hoping to make a slow transition back into the office from September and although we won't be able to accept student drop-ins, you'll be able to request an appointment. Whether we work from home or from the office, we'll still be here to support you. These are our key contact details if you'd like to get in touch:


Advice & Support Centre


Welcome Desk


Student Activities


Human Resources


Student Voice


Student Discounts

What student discount is available?

You'll find that your Student ID Card enables you score a discount across many retailers. We're partnered with TOTUM whose offers reach even further. TOTUM is the only student discount, proof of age ID and campus life platform recommended by the National Union of Students. The TOTUM Card is your classic student discount, with over 250 student offers and official proof of age ID. Take a look at their exclusive offers here


How do I get a TOTUM Card?

TOTUM Cards are normally priced from £14.99, but our special offer enables you to get your hands on a TOTUM Card for just £9.99. Find out more and secure this deal here

Student Staff

Will I still have my job with the Students’ Union this year?

Student staff currently employed by us will remain on the books, but unfortunately we’re not able to offer them any hours during the first semester. This will be reviewed in January. Please note that if contracts expire, they cannot be renewed during the recruitment freeze, but we would certainly have a conversation with you about renewal once we're open for recruitment once again. Student staff are advised to keep their eyes peeled for further updates from HR

Not heard anything about your current position with the SU? Please contact us


Can I find work within the Students’ Union from September?

Unfortunately we have had to pause any further recruitment for student staff positions for the foreseeable future. When this opens back up, all students will be notified by email




What will Freshers be like this year?

You won't be surprised to hear that we've had to adapt our plans to suit the current circumstances. We're doing all we can to ensure Freshers 2020 is as fun and vibrant as always. We appreciate that this year has been a bit of a tough one, with so much uncertainty surrounding much of our everyday lives, and we think that this is all the more reason to make sure your welcome to UH is memorable. Our team is working on a range of events which will span September and October, so to include both home and international students. We're hoping to have some events on campus (where safely possible) as well as a large range of online activity. As always, this will be a great chance for you to find your feet at Herts, meet other students and make memories that'll last a lifetime. You can find out more about Freshers 2020 here


When will the tickets be available for the events?

Tickets for events will be available from Monday 14th September

We are ticketing all on-campus events so that we can ensure numbers are limited, in line with the University's health and safety measures. Some of our online events will also be ticketed due to a limited capacity. All events are labelled clearly so you know whether or not you will need to purchase a ticket

Please note that you will have to have registered/re-registered before you can login to the Students' Union website to purchase a ticket. New students can find the New Student Registration process here and returning students can find the Returning Student Re-Enrolment process here. Please note that there is a slight delay in your Students' Union account being activated once you have registered/re-registered, meaning you won't be able to sign into our website until the following day


I would like to come onto campus to experience Freshers but I am a bit apprehensive. What health and safety measures are being put in place?

The health and safety of the UH community is absolutely paramount. Hertfordshire Students' Union and the University of Hertfordshire have been working hard behind the scenes for months to ensure that campus is safe in time for the new academic year. Thorough preparations have been - and continue to be - made in time for September. Click here to find out more about the measures the University of Hertfordshire is taking in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be following this guidance with the delivery of all our services. We hope this will provide you with reassurance regarding your health and safety when coming onto campus


I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable coming onto campus. How can I get involved in the Freshers experience from afar?

We understand that everyone feels differently about being out and about at the moment. If you're not planning on coming onto campus for any reason, you'll benefit from our live virtual events and our Freshers On Demand selection. Find out more here


Will Freshers' Fair take place?

Due to social distancing measures that are currently in place, unfortunately we are not able to facilitate a Freshers' Fair this September like normal. This was a difficult decision but the health and safety of our students will always be a priority, so an event where thousands of students are in close proximity to one another is simply not feasible. We understand how disappointing this is but we're confident our other headline events will fill the void

Societies are always a prominent part of Freshers' Fair. You can learn more about them here



Advice & Support

Advice & Support Centre

Can I go into the Advice & Support Centre?

Unfortunately our Advice & Support Centre isn't open for face-to-face consultations for the moment due to current social distancing measures. However, we are pleased to be able to offer our service online. You can still reach us via email, phone and video call. Simply complete this form to request an appointment and one of our lovely Advisers will be in touch to arrange a consultation


I'm not sure if I need advice from the Advice & Support Centre. Where I can find out more?

Simply click here for full details about the services we have available, the range of issues we can help with and updates on how our service delivery will change as lockdown measures are relaxed

Specialist Services

Will you still be offering the Legal Clinic?

Yep! We're chuffed that the Legal Clinic will still be running on Wednesday afternoons during term-time. Unfortunately in-person appointments will not be possible for the foreseeable future due to the current circumstances, but you can book an appointment via telephone or video call instead. If you wish to book an appointment with our Legal Clinic, simply complete this form and specify that it's the Legal Clinic that you need. Find out more about the Legal Clinic here


Will the Buddy Scheme still be happening?

Absolutely! If you wish to join the Buddy Scheme as a volunteer (continuing students only) or be matched with one of our lovely current Buddy Volunteers, please click here to find out more


Can I still book a Study Smart session?

Of course you can. You guessed it, we're not able to run these sessions in the Advice & Support Centre itself due to social distancing measures, but they will be available via video call. Simply complete this form and specify that you'd like to book a Study Smart session. Learn more about Study Smart here


Student Activities


Will societies still run this year?

Absolutely. Societies are a huge part of uni life for many students. They will still be open for students to join as members. Take a look at all things societies here


Do I have to pay to join societies this year?

Nope! We’ve made memberships free for students this year because we understand the society experience will be slightly different to normal

We understand that membership sales are important for society income, so we’re changing the way Society Funding operates for this year only. We will be in touch with Society Committee Members about how they could benefit from Society Funding this year at the start of term


Can society members meet up like normal?

Understandably the society experience won't be the same as normal this year, but we will do eveything we can to ensure society members can engage with one another safely. We are closely following guidelines from the Government and the University when it comes to gatherings. As such we can't give a definitive answer on this just yet, but we will post up-to-date information on this in September. Society Committee Members will be notified by email once this information is available


I’m a Society Committee Member. Will I still receive training this year?

Yes. We’re still here to support Society Committee Members, so we’re making the training available online this year. We'll get in touch with all Society Committee Members about how they can access training when the time comes. We will also provide year-round development opportunities for you with our brand new Student Leaders Development Programme


Can I promote my society to new students?

Absolutely! We still want societies to play a role in bringing students together. Click here for our guidance about how you can run your society online


Can my society still book rooms?

No. Unfortunately classrooms are not available for any bookings for the foreseeable future


Can my society still book The Key?

Unfortunately The Key cannot be booked by societies for the time being


Can my society still borrow equipment from the Students’ Union?

Yes! Societies can still borrow equipment from the Students' Union. Committee Members should complete the relevant booking form in their admin portal if they wish to book any equipment. We will ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly in between uses


Can my society still book the Students' Union's minibus?

Unfortunately the minibus will not be available for society bookings for the foreseeable future, as social distancing is not possible in the vehicle


What's happening with Wellbeing Wednesdays this year?

Promoting a positive wellbeing is very important to us and we want to bring you the best and safest programme this year. Due to social distancing measures that are currently in place, Wellbeing Wednesdays will look slightly different this term. Many of our events will be brought to you online, but we are looking forward to running a few on campus as well. Our activities on campus will have a limited capacity due to the current circumstances. Whichever way we deliver each week's event, we'll make sure it's exciting and beneficial for your wellbeing. You can keep up-to-date with what's coming up on our website and socials (@hertssu)


Will there be any Commuters’ Breakfasts this year?

We are planning to run some virtual coffee mornings exclusively for commuting students as part of our Freshers' programme. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our website and socials (@hertssu) for details


Student Voice

Student Reps

Can I still be a Student Rep this year?

Yes! We will still be recruiting and supporting Student Reps this year. If you're interested in being a Student Rep for the 2020-21 academic year, get in contact with your School Community Organiser (SCO) and they'll be able to give you more information about how to put yourself forward


I’m hoping to be a Student Rep. Will I receive training?

Yes. We’re still here to support Student Reps, so we’re making the training available online this year as well as the Student Rep Conference. We'll get in touch with all Student Reps about this when the time comes. We will also provide year-round development opportunities for you with our brand new Student Leaders Development Programme

School Community Organisers

I’m a School Community Organiser. Will I still receive training this year?

Yes. We’re still here to support School Community Organisers, so we’re making the training available online this year. We'll get in touch with all SCOs about this when the time comes

Student Council

Will Student Council take place this year?

Your feedback is more important than ever, so Student Council will continue to run as normal throughout the year. For the foreseeable future Student Council will be held online. Find out more here

Elected Officers

Will I be able to talk to any of the Elected Officers?

Absolutely, they'd love to hear from you! Whilst we aren't able to have students visit the office as normal, you can still reach our Elected Officer team through digital means. You can request an appointment or find their contact details here


Will Elections take place this year?

Definitely! Elections normally kick off in February and we are not expecting that to change this academic year. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our website for updates, but be assured that anything major will be communicated to all students via email. If you ever want to chat to anyone about running - or if you have any general questions surrounding the Elections - feel free to contact us


The Forum Hertfordshire

The Forum Hertfordshire

Will The Forum be open?

Unfortunately we will not be able to run any nighttime events in The Forum for the foreseeable future as nightclubs are not able to open safely under the current circumstances


Will large events like Halloween, Christmas and Summer Ball still take place?

We're hoping to celebrate large occasions but will only do so if it is safe to. We will assess each occasion nearer the time to see if any kind of celebration on campus is possible. Please keep your eyes peeled on this page for updates


Not found an answer to your question? Try the University's Start of Term FAQs , the University's Coronavirus Information or contact us.


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