Sexual Health

Condom packet

A number of sexual health services are available from the Advice & Support Centre.


You can access the following from our Advice & Support Centre:

  • •  Free condoms and chlamydia self-testing kits will always be available from the Advice Centre waiting area. You can help yourselves to these
  • •  Free female sanitary products (i.e. sanitary towels and tampons) are available from the Advice Centre waiting area. Please help yourselves
  • •  Free pregnancy testing kits are available upon request from a member of the Advice & Support team. Please ask us if you need one


The following sexual health services are available locally:

  • •  Access online STI testing services
  • •  Free condoms are available county-wide - visit for more information
  • •  Visit your GP for information about long acting reversible contraception (such as the implant or coil)
  • •  Visit GP/Practice Nurse for core contraceptive services – the pill, barrier & injectable method
  • •  Visit your local pharmacy for emergency hormonal contraceptive (free for under 25s)
  • •  Visit for sexual health information in Hertfordshire


For free, friendly and confidential advice about sexual health matters you can also call Sexual Health Hertfordshire on 0300 008 5522 from 09:00-20:00, Monday to Friday or 09:00-13:00 on Saturday.


CaSH Clinic

We would like to give the team the biggest thanks for providing such an excellent service on-campus for the last couple of years. Unfortunately after two fantastic years of hosting the Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) Clinic in our Advice & Support Centre, this service is no longer available. The CaSH Clinic closure is due to the Sexual Health Hertfordshire services moving from a ‘hub and spoke’ model to 3 specialist Centres of Excellence (based in Hatfield, Stevenage and Watford). We're really pleased that students will still be able to access this service in Hatfield. You can find details for the new clinics here. For full details about the changes, read more here from Hertfordshire County Council.


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