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Want to start a conversation with 25,000+ students?


Hertfordshire Students' Union is here to support students during their time at uni. We achieve this by championing the student voice, hosting a range of events throughout the year and communicating exciting opportunities to them. We're at the heart of student life at the University of Hertfordshire. By advertising with us, your brand can take advantage of unrivalled access to our huge student market.


Media Pack

We have opportunities year-round that enable you to promote your brand to our 25,000+ strong student population. You could feature on our digital platforms or build up a presence on our campuses. With scope to customise your own advertising package, the possibilities are endless!

Our Media Pack will be available here soon.


Welcome Fair 2021

Coming to our College Lane campus on Friday 1st October, Welcome Fair gives you the chance to promote your business on a personal level with our students. Drawing more than 10,000 visitors, it's one of our most popular events every academic year. Don't miss out! You can find view our pricing structure below. If you'd like to make a booking or have any questions, please direct your query to


Download our Welcome Fair 2021 Rate Card here