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Policy and Governance


Hertfordshire Students' Union is a registered charity, overseen by a Trustee Board comprising of 4 Full-Time (Elected) Officer Trustees, 3 Student Trustees and 4 External Trustees. It is managed on a day-to-day basis by a General Manager and Senior Management Team. Here you will find the organisation's current Regulations, Policy and Governance, which provide the shape and structure for how it's run. If you have any questions about anything here, please contact us at studentcouncil@hertfordshire.su.



Society Committee Elections Regulations



Equality and Diversity Policy

Code of Conduct - Complaints Procedure


Lapsed policy refers to that which was passed, but not renewed, following the 3 years in which it stood. It will remain here for 2 years should a student / group of students wish to renew it.


What was the policy? When was it passed? When did it lapse?


Crush Underground

(A policy to close Crush Underground and only have one radio station).

04.02.16 04.02.19


Graphic Designers

(A policy to ensure that the Students' Union employs students for external work wherever possible).

04.02.16 04.02.19


Social Events and Welcome Ceremonies

(A policy to monitor sports teams' welcome ceremonies, and ban 'initiations').

04.02.16 04.02.19


Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association (updated February 2020)

The Memorandum and Articles of Association, and Byelaws of Hertfordshire Students' Union govern how the organisation is run; defining the responsibilities of its members, and the kind of business that it undertakes.

Byelaw 1 - Governance

Byelaw 1 - Governance

This Byelaw defines the governance structures of the Students' Union, including the Executive Management Board, Student Council and Annual Members' Meetings.

Byelaw 2 - Membership

Byelaw 2 - Membership

This Byelaw defines the membership benefits for Associate Members of the Students' Union.

Byelaw 3a - Full-Time Officers

Byelaw 3a - Full-Time Officers

This Byelaw sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Students' Union's Full-Time Elected Officers; including their role as Officer Trustees.

Byelaw 3b - Part-Time Officers

Byelaw 3b - Part-Time Officers

This Byelaw sets out the roles and responsibilities of the Students' Union's Part-Time Elected Officers.

Byelaw 4 - Elections and Referenda

Byelaw 4 - Elections and Referenda

This Byelaw covers the procedure for the conduct of Students' Union Elections and Referendums.

Byelaw 5 - Societies

Byelaw 5 - Societies

This Byelaw contains information on societies, including the process for their formation, how they should run and the structures of the Societies Forum.

Byelaw 6 - Code of Conduct

Byelaw 6 - Code of Conduct

This Byelaw sets out the procedures to be followed in the instance of disciplinary action being made against a member of the Students' Union.

Byelaw 7 - Licensed Premises Code of Conduct ***REPEALED***

*** This Byelaw was repealed following legal advice from the firm Poppleston Allen. Licensing law dictates that the personal licence holder of a designated premises has the full and final authority over persons allowed to enter the venue, and therefore the venue’s entry policy is not subject to the other democratic procedures of the Students’ Union. This change was ratified at the November 2019 meeting of Student Council. ***

Byelaw 8 - Association Constitution

Byelaw 8 - Association Constitution

This Byelaw presents the constitution for any associations of the Students' Union, outlining the responsibilities of the association, the roles of committee members, and the procedures for members.


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